Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Itʼs not that I like repeating the trashy gossip going on in Hollywood – itʼs that I love it. Iʼm craving a piping hot rumor with a side of disaster for some sexy stars of the cinema. I figure, after three articles of gossip, Iʼm the next Victoria Gotti. Letʼs begin with the oh-socontroversial divorce of Jen and Brad. We all know that the divorce is a definite, but whatʼs the deal with Angelina Jolie? She and Brad have recently been caught frolicking along the beaches of Africa with her son Maddox. Although her rep denies it, itʼs been said that Jen has seen pictures of her soon-to-be ex-husband and his full-lipped co-star building sandcastles with the happy three-year-old. Ricky Martin is not necessarily “livinʼ la vida loca.” Heʼs actually “livinʼ la vida selflessly” while heʼs out of the public eye. Heʼs working with Habitat for Humanity building and restoring over 200 homes in Thailand. Construction will hopefully be completed in March of 2007. In other news, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes showed no shame, publicly canoodling in Rome where Cruise was honored with a lifetime achievement award. Holmes, who recently departed from fianc Chris Klein, was there to support her new beau of two weeks. Letʼs see how long this one lasts.

The sad news of the week is the departure of a crooner cutie departing from “American Idol”: Constantine was voted off! Letʼs take a moment of silence to remember his intense eyes and playful passion for the camera… For some good news, Carmen Electra and her husband of almost two years, Dave Navarro, are trying to have a baby. These beautiful people are ready to be parents of an undoubtedly beautiful child and sources say it will happen sooner than later.

As far as Britneyʼs baby news, after being rushed to the hospital in the beginning of the month for irregular bleeding, she is resting up with hubby Kevin Federline at Camelback Mountain resort in Arizona. The most important part, however, is that before this little excursion to the spa, Britney met up with ex, Justin Timberlake, to talk about their relationships.

Although I want to believe thereʼs something going on between these A-List celebs, I think that they are so in love with their significant others that they are, and always will be, friends.

Last but not least, Star Magazine reports that Tammy Faye Baker is losing her eyelashes due to chemo treatment. For more celebrity gossip, I encourage you to look to People Magazine. Anything beginning with ʻStar,ʼ ʻUs,ʼ or ʻNationalʼ are big-fat no-nos. Perhaps one day, maybe, theyʼll get it right, but for now, trust the people stars actually talk to.

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