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College Cellar is a new website to make college life easier.

What does it mean to be a college student? When asked this very question, students described college life as free and exciting, but also stressful and chaotic at times. The freedom and independence one has in college comes along with constant responsibilities to tackle and decisions to make. This includes figuring out where to live, who to live with, and where to buy cheap textbooks all while trying to balance school and sometimes even a job. All these factors can indeed be overwhelming, but what if there was something that could make college life just a little bit easier? This was exactly the goal that brothers Justin and Scott Geller had in mind when they created the website is a relatively new website, launched to the public only this past week, but is already quickly gaining popularity. CollegeCellar is an online bulletin board where students or people can view information about different colleges throughout the country. The site includes information about tuition, on and off-campus events, job listings, roommates needed, apartments for rent, or textbooks for sale. There is also a ‘review’ section, where one can read or submit reviews on bars, restaurants, or other happenings around the college or surrounding town. After exploring the site, one West Chester University student remarked that CollegeCellar would be useful for a variety of people. He thought that current students along with both high school seniors and incoming college freshman would benefit from this site. The student found that, “CollegeCellar is a quick and easy way to find different aspects of a university. The site contains important need-to-know facts as well as fun facts.” Another student felt that the review section provides what most sites don’t: the social aspect, and the stuff you wonder about but can’t find an answer to anywhere else. 

The masterminds behind the site, Justin and Scott Geller, have both attended West Chester University. Justin is a WCU alumnus, while Scott currently attends as a computer science major. The brothers are pleased with the way their site has turned out, and hope that everyone will log on to explore the site and submit reviews to help expand CollegeCellar. The Gellers would also like to eventually collaborate with local businesses around campuses to promote discounted services for the student community. By logging on, submitting reviews, and spreading the word, students can help make this site become a recognizable brand. 

CollegeCellar was designed to help students and will continuously strive to make college life easier. 

If you have any questions about CollegeCellar, contact Scott Geller at

Katie Durby is a third-year student.  She can be reached at

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