Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

West Chester University hosted its third Brownie bake-off event in Sykes Student Union on Feb. 4 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The mission behind the Bake-Off was to raise money and donate its proceeds to the local Salvation Army and Chester County Care foundations. The resulting amount raised was $440. Each foundation received a $220 ShopRite grocery gift card to buy whatever items they needed the most.

According to Maggie Tripp, Director of Service-Learning & Volunteer Programs at West Chester, “Last year, we raised a total of $250 so this was a huge increase.” Based on the growing popularity, the Brownie Bake-Off will hopefully become an annual event.

Various WCU students and employees alike voluntarily baked and sold their brownies to raise money for the event. Twenty-five cent brownie recipes and $1.00 brownies were sold throughout the day. Healthier food option handouts were also offered to add to your kitchen cupboard for those people who are either watching their waist lines, on restrictive diets or just interested in expanding their taste palates.

At 3 p.m., six judges from both foundations tasted all the brownie concoctions and hand-picked their top choices from distinct categories, ranging from “Student” and “Employee,” to “All-chocolate” and “Miscellaneous.” First place, “Student Chocolate brownies” was awarded to Michael Lebow; first place, “Student Miscellaneous-Cream Cheese brownies” was awarded to Lindsay Chalela.

The first place winner for “Best Employee Miscellaneous Mint-brownies” was awarded to John Baker, Art Dept,, and finally, first place, “Best Employee All Chocolate-brownie” was awarded to Preeti Singh, Career Development Center. All winners received a $25 Starbucks gift card and ultimately, bragging rights.

Tripp, who over-saw both the bake sale and judging preliminaries, was very appreciative with how well the results turned out.

“We were thrilled with the increased number of bakers, 42, and most importantly, the huge increase in money raised for the food banks who really need the assistance. Tripp said, “Everyone seemed to have a great time; the volunteers, our student staff, the bakers and the shoppers. We appreciate the support of ARAMARK who provided $25 Starbucks gift cards for each category.”

For questions regarding this event, you can contact The Office of Service Learning, B-19 Killinger Hall. (610)436.3379.

Kerry Barth is a student at West Chester University majoring in professional studies with minors in journalism and health sciences. She can be reached at

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