Wed. Jan 26th, 2022



 Yes, it’s that time of the year already. Call it what you want; it’s known as finals week.

The library fills up with constant chatter and no tables are found unoccupied during the last two weeks before finals week. You could waste your time circling the library for a table. During this crunch time, you plan to get to the library early or find yourself looking for signs of someone leaving, as though you were in a full parking lot, driving around in circles convincing yourself a spot will open.                                   

For the convenience of students, the Starbucks in the library will be available during the after hours, giving students a study area for five and a half additional hours each night for the last two weeks of the semester. Remember to take study breaks and keep your focus. At Sykes be thankful that staff is providing a study break which includes serving food at 10 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 12.

As the semester winds down, remember to take good care of yourself. Hopefully you can look back on the semester with a smile and be proud of what you have accomplished and how hard you have worked.                     

After you turn in your final papers and complete your final exams, be careful traveling to your next destination. Let life and your college experience be  a wonderful journey. Congratulations to students surviving their first semester in college. For those of you graduating, best of luck to you. To the others, we’ll see you when you get back for the spring semester. Happy holidays to everyone, and a goodnight to all.

~ Ginger Rae


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