Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

“While hawking cupcakes, I’m also going to school at West Chester University,” said Dave Dilks, the entrepreneur behind the mobile gourmet cupcake truck that has recently made its debut on campus at WCU. “Call Me Cupcake” (the name of the operation) started in Philadelphia in June 2010. In early November, Dilks obtained necessary licensing and permits for operation in West Chester, allowing the company to provide “the freshest tastiest cupcakes to the area that [they] love.”

The “Call Me Cupcake” truck is open for business every Wednesday on WCU’s campus. Dilks’ “passion for delicious cupcakes” is expressed through an enticing menu; at $2.50 a cupcake, customers can enjoy fresh made cupcakes. Menu options include: Chocolate (a rich chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream), Vanilla (a vanilla butter cake with either chocolate or vanilla butercream), Carrot (a spiced carrot cake with real carrots and sweet cream frosting), Red Velvet (with sweet cream cheese frosting), or custom orders, including the current fall special “Pumpkin.” Cupcakes can be bought on sight, or custom ordered and sent to students.

Owners David and Cheryl Dilks, both WCU alumni, are confident in their ability to provide customer satisfaction, claiming to be “purveyors of the most delicious cupcakes in Philadelphia.”

The Dilks’ now successful cupcake enterprise saw humble beginnings with the purchase of a used mail truck in 2010. Dave Dilks purchased the truck in Moline, Illinois and had a “reflective journey” with “thoughts of cupcakes and frosting bouncing around in [his] head,” during a 950 mile drive back to Philadelphia. The truck was subsequently rewired and decorated; revamped and ready for business, Dilks successfully converted a “plain old mail truck” into “the fun cupcake mobile you know and love.”

Dilks, a WCU graduate, subsequently obtained his Master’s Degree from University of Pennsylvania, and has currently returned to WCU to participate in the pre-med program.

The pastry truck is easily recognizable, decorated with images of frosting, sprinkles, and the famous “Call Me Cupcake” logo imprinted on the side.

In addition to stopping by the truck, customers can pre-order cupcakes [minimum of 6] by calling the company at 261 421 3324, or visiting the website- to have the snacks waiting upon arrival.

Matt Boyd is a student at West Chester University. He can be reached at

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