Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Every year we have to be subjected to the raving of our dreaded visitors. They stand in the middle of campus saying, “If you have an abortion you’re going to Hell!” “Jesus loves you but you are an abomination to him if you sin!” All the while, they are trying to proclaim that they live with the generous love of Jesus Christ in their hearts.

I for one think that these people should be banned from setting foot on our campus. Yes, in our wonderful country we have the right to say whatever we please because we are free, but they are a distraction to our community and the environment that West Chester University has created to be conducive to learning in the classroom. It is one thing to speak on a cause you believe in, but Main Hall is not the place to be ranting against abortion, sexual immorality and sin. There are classes going on, and people trying to learn.

I am paying my tuition to WCU in order to get the best education that I can, not to be distracted by someone yelling at me for something someone does (or doesn’t do for that matter). Honestly, if I am going to be distracted, it should be by an activity of my choosing, not by something I care not to hear or see.

Students can hear these proclamations through the windows of classrooms. People stop to listen and investigate the spectacle, then run in an attempt to avoid being late to their class. For people like me, the protestors are simply in the way of my pathway to get to my classroom.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian myself; I am a very strong and firm believer of my faith. These people who claim to be “disciples” are, in my opinion, the opposite of what I know of Jesus. I believe that Jesus spreads a message of love, not hate. And although there are sins that Jesus hated, the hate was never directed toward the person who sinned.

These people are directing their hate toward people by yelling at them and telling them they are going to Hell. But even the Bible says “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Meaning, unless you are perfect, you shouldn’t be pointing out my imperfections.

To sum things up, I simply believe that people should not be allowed to have forums and boisterous rallies during class time because they are a distraction to students and campus life, no matter what they are “preaching” about. The graphic and fanatical message that the “anti-abortionists” are declaring is the ultimate distraction of the semester, therefore we should do something to prevent them from being a disruption in our community. This happens every year; it’s time to do something.

Eliza Hadrick is a fifth-year student at West Chester University majoring in nursing. She can be reached at

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