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On Saturday, October 30, the West Chester University “Incomparable” Golden Rams Marching Band performed at Farrell Stadium for the Tournament of Bands competition. The competition was a hosted event at Farrell Stadium for competitive marching bands. Several bands in the area arrived at the stadium in their prime, including large bands such as Quakertown, Spring-Ford, and Daniel Boone.

West Chester University hosts one to two competitions at Farrell Stadium every year.

Members of the marching band work these events, whether it be handing out candy to kids in their respective bands, or selling programs in the stands.

Everyone has a hand in making the competitions run smoothly and effectively.

At the end of every marching band show in Farrell Stadium, West Chester University performs for all of the high schools in attendance.

This year, to commemorate the 100th birthday of composer Samuel Barber, a native of West Chester, the marching band is doing a theme that incorporates the music of Barber, and also the occupation of “barbers.” The band performed with high intensity and was cheered on by the hundreds of eager high schoolers in the stands.

“Performing shows at these competitions, especially one held in our home stadium, is a big recruitment tool for the marching band and for the School of Music,” said Jordan Fisch, senior and student coordinator for the marching band. “The kids see us doing what we love to do, and automatically we share a common interest. They want to be a part of us and what WE do for them.”

The band is set to perform again next weekend on Saturday, November 13 at the Cavalcade of Bands Championships in Hershey, Pa. It will be an exciting night, as there will be completely different competing high schools, including some who probably haven’t seen West Chester perform yet.

The West Chester marching band continues to inspire students to strive for excellence, educate, and entertain throughout their musical careers.

Carla Giorno is a student at West Chester University. She can be reached at

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