Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

There are two types of reality shows on television today. First is the Darwinesque, survival of the fittest series like “The Mole” and “The Amazing Race.” Second is the love conquers all genre like “The Bachelor” and “Joe Schmo.”If you are looking for a change, tune in Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC and watch “The Apprentice.” Straight from the mind of “Survivor” creator Mark Burnett, “The Apprentice” is a fierce competition set in the concrete jungle of New York City. Sixteen contestants from all walks of life will try to outwit one another to win the chance to be a part of Donald Trump’s multi-million dollar enterprise.

There are two teams, men vs. women, and each week the teams must select a project leader and complete the challenge that is given to them. The team that does the best on the challenge is safe from elimination. The team that loses must send their team captain and two other members to the board room where one of the three will be fired.

The first episode had the teams selling lemonade on the mean streets of Manhattan. The women won by a large margin and the men were sent to the board room where Trump fired David, the certified doctor and businessman.

The second challenge had the two teams creating an advertising campaign for Marquis Jets, a company that specializes in private planes. The women used sex appeal to make their presentation more interesting while the men went for a classier campaign. In the end it appears that sex sells and the women had another victory.

The men once again had to face Trump and the team captain, Jason, was fired. As a reward for their win, the women were flown to Boston on a private jet and treated to dinner.

The latest episode tested the group’s negotiations skills. Each team was given identical lists of specific items they would have to purchase and on which to try to negotiate a better deal. The women resorted to flirting and begging to acquire their items. The men had little luck bargaining and blamed their failure on their team captain, Sam. At the end of the day the women negotiated a savings of 22 percent, while the total savings on the men’s side was only nine percent.

The women were treated to dinner at the 21 Club and the men lost their least liked member, Sam.

The winner of the competition will be granted a job with the Trump Organization and a salary of $250,000.

“The Apprentice” differs from other reality shows because it requires knowledge of the business world and the ability to think on one’s feet. However, the show does not lack the essential to any reality series, drama. Petty arguments are a weekly occurrence, especially among the women. In the end, “The Apprentice” is a job interview you will not want to miss.

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