Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Ley Royal Scam, one of the opening bands for Taking Back Sunday, had a lot of fun together on stage Thursday night. Between kicking each other and throwing their shoes, they made their performance interesting. Their music was good; I got into the beat but donʼt know if I can listen to them again because I couldnʼt hear the singer singing. It may have just been the sound quality in the gym, but there was no problem with the other bands that performed. To hear clips of their performances, go to www.purevolume. comleyroyalscam. Circa Survive, the next band, was awesome.

They had great stage performance and really had the entire audience feeling the music. They were jumping all over the stage and off the stage near the audience and just had fun doing what they apparently love. I have never seen an opening band at any concert that had such great stage presence. To check out Circa Survive, go to www.purevolume. comcircasurvive. Following the two opening bands was the group the audience had been waiting for: Taking Back Sunday. Adam Lazzara (lead vocals), Fred Mascherino (guitar & vocals), founding member Eddie Reyes (guitar), Mark OʼConnell (drums) and Matt Rubano (bass) said they never dreamed theyʼd be touring at all, let alone with Jimmy Eat World. Both bands will be at the Tweeter Center April 15.

Taking Back Sunday was amazing on stage. I had only listened to a few of their songs, and I hate going to concerts where I donʼt know every word to every song, but it made no difference. The entire gym was packed and the audience was so into the music that I had to move with the flow regardless of whether or not I wanted to.

Lazzara made everyone feel so close to him and moved by the music that he and the rest of the band enjoys every second of. It was the best concert Iʼve seen at WCU, and Iʼm very glad that I went. It was an intense performance, and Iʼm definitely going to be listening to Circa Survive and Taking Back Sunday religiously now, and I would like to thank all three bands for coming to West Chester University and also for the people that made it possible for them to come here. For more on Taking Back Sunday, and tour dates, their official Web site is

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