Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

When I heard about the letter to the Editor about rental costs for students in West Chester, I had to rush out and get a copy of the Quad to read it for myself. Being a former student of WCU and a current homeowner in West Chester Borough, I felt I must speak on this topic. For those who might remember me from my WCU days, you know I am not known for keeping my opinions to myself. I can relate to students trying to find affordable rental properties in this town. It is difficult to find a landlord who treats you like the adult you are and who has a property worth renting. Landlords do take advantage of student renters. I experienced it myself many times, but not all landlords are bad. There are many landlords who want respectable student tenants in their properties. But just as shoddy landlords have given the good landlords a bad name, the bad students have given all WCU students a bad name.

When I first bought in West Chester over two years ago, I was excited to finally own a home in my favorite place to live. I had rented all four years of my college experience and then three more years until I moved back home to save up to buy my house. After I bought my home, I quickly found myself being recruited by other West Chester homeowners to stop the blight of the WCU students. I consistently defended the students. I would say, “You live in a college town, what do you expect?” But, believe it or not, West Chester is not just a college town. The borough is the county seat, a cultural and arts center, and home to many great restaurants.

Yet, since it is viewed as a “college town,” the roving groups of disruptive students walking from campus to town and back again, like clockwork every night of the week, have become a characteristic of our town. It has been followed by the destruction of many things in our neighborhoods and a total disrespect for those who are permanent residents here. This is why most residents have the view of students that they do.

I applaud any efforts by students to set the crooked landlords straight. But I also urge these students to boycott the loud, unruly parties; politely ask the belligerent and rude groups of students walking the streets to respect the serenity of our neighborhoods; and report any illegal activities that involve the destruction of our borough and its homes.

With the cooperation of the good students and homeowners in the borough, maybe West Chester can become what it really is, a quality town with many great things to offer its residents. Then the greedy landlords would have to respect the new WCU student, the respectful, intelligent student who is welcomed whole-heartedly by the permanent residents of West Chester.

“Ask Anthony”
(Former Quad Columnist)

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