Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Sinchʼs new album Clearing The Channel has finally made its arrival. The band, formed here in Philadelphia, has been recording since early 2001. They have been playing together for years before that, but finally got noticed and made their dbut record. Clearing The Channel is a hard rock meets alternative record. Their method of play is artistic and really flows throughout their lyrics. Sinch has a unique flavor to their style. Sinch consists of five essential members: Jamie Stem (lead vocalist), Tony Lannutti (guitarists/synth/drum machine), Mike Abramson (bass), Dan McFarland (drums/percussion), and Jay Smith (ocular noise machine). The opening song on the album called “Silence Broken” really sets the mood for the rest of the record. It not only has its quiet and subtle start, but in an instant the listener is hit with a clash of guitars and vocals with a twist of piano thrown in to spice it up. The song forces listeners to move their heads to the beat and in a flash find themeselves realizing how much they love this song because of the piano. The way they have the piano and guitar team together is pure genius. Sometimes bands will try something new and it doesnʼt always work out, but in this case it was a smart move. “Silence Broken” is one of those songs that move people when listening to it. Following “Silence Broken,” comes the second song, “All Thatʼs Left Behind.” This song is a more heavy rock song that just goes from start to finish. It compliments the first song very well.

The sixth song on the CD really calms every other song down because itʼs an acoustic song. “Sails,” is done by acoustic guitar and soothing vocals resembling those of the band Guster, with its occasionally heavy rock style seeping in. The seventh song is more of an interlude, having no words and consists of computerized sounds. The CD finishes with the last song, “Hydroplane,” which also happens to be the eleventh song. I feel as though it is the perfect song to sum up this album.

Sinchʼs drummer Dan Mc- Farland says that their inspiration comes from other bands. “Other peopleʼs music is my biggest inspiration,” he mentioned on the bandʼs Web site. “I just want to create somethingthat affects other people in the same way that the music I listen to affects me.”

In this album there are no choreographed antics or rehearsed speeches to impress their audiences. Just music and lyrics that comes from their hearts and comes from what they feel. Even though some of the lyrics are a little on the vile side, they come from feelings the band members have within. Also, listeners can look on their Web site for more information on the band. They will be holding a show next Friday, April 15, in Manayunk at Grape Street Philadelphia for $8. Doors open at 9 p.m.

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