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During the 2005-2006 school year, students will be paying more money to live at University Hall in order to maintain the operational costs of the building and property, which has drawn mixed reactions from students.Next school year, students living in University Hall will pay $2,565 per semester for a twobedroom double, while students living in a two-bedroom single will be paying $2,850 per semester. “Rent is being raised to cover operational cost associated with the property,” said Michelle Pryor, community manager of College Park Communities, the company that built University Hall.

Currently, students living in University Hall pay $2,344 per semester for a two-bedroom double. Students living in a twobedroom single pay $2,601 per semester, and residents living in a three-bedroom single pay $2,551 per semester.

By the 2005-2006 school year, residents will also pay their rent per semester, instead of monthly as current residents do. “To be more consistent with traditional housing, University Hall students will make two payments per academic year,” said Pryor. The raised rent rates for next year have drawn strong reactions from current residents living in the building.

“I really like it (University Hall), but compared to what you pay at other places, it?s not worth it,” said Mike Kelly, a junior currently living in University Hall. “I chose not to live in University Hall again because we are paying extremely high prices,” said sophomore Vanessa Holwitt. “We do not have our own kitchens or washers and dryers. Other places have these things.” Many students applied to live in University Hall for the next school year, despite rising prices.

“I applied to University Hall mainly because of the privacy, space, and the more comfortable furnishing it provides in comparison to traditional dorm rooms,” said junior Andrew Guise. He was rejected from University Hall because all of the rooms for the next school year are full. University Hall and campus officials also believe that University Hall is worth the price.

“At University Hall, students receive added amenities and conveniences, such as semi-private bathrooms and a shared living room in the two-bedroom double,” said Pryor.

“Students also have the option to stay over winter and spring break at no additional cost,” she added. “University Hall offers students privacy, while still living in a community based atmosphere.” Other officials connected to University Hall see its location on campus as an advantage over off-campus housing.

“The advantage (of University Hall) over off campus would be the location right in the middle of campus and being a brand new facility,” said Peter Galloway, director of Housing Services. University Hall opened in the beginning of the fall semester. College Park Communities, a group based in Newtown Square, Pa, built University Hall. The company works across the country to construct and manage housing at colleges and universities.

Funding for University Hall was arranged by University Student Housing LCC, according to Galloway. University Student Housing LCC is a subsidiary of the Fund for West Chester University, the non-profit foundation that supports various activities at WCU.

University Hall rooms come with typical bedroom furniture, a furnished living space for those living in a two-bedroom double, semi-private bathrooms, and air conditioning. Those who wish to view layouts of University Hall or the furniture that comes with the rooms can find the information at

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