Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

West Chester University held a summer job fair on Wednesday, March 30 in Sykes Union Ballrooms to allow students to meet representatives from a variety of corporations and businesses looking for summer interns and part time employees.The Twardowski Career Development Center, located in Lawrence Hall, was in charge of organizing this event. The job fair took place from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., allowing students time to come in according to their schedules.

The fair allotted over 60 companies spaces to set up a stand for students to see what they represent, how they can become a part of that business and how to apply for summer jobs or internships.

Some of the participating companies included Aramark, FedEx Ground, The Finish Line, Brandywine YMCA of Delaware, The New Castle County Police Corporation, Rite Aid, UPS and the Walt Disney World College Program. Each company had their own table, which helped prevent confusion and allowed the fair torun smoothly.

Upon arrival, each individual was given an orange paper booklet containing each company ?s name and a brief description of it, as well as any contact information if there was interest in joining their team.

Robert Henson represented WCOJ 1420 AM radio, “The voice of Chester County.” Henson reported, “We are here to look for summer interns. Even though the position is going to be an unpaid one, if the internee does a good enough job they may be asked to come back or stay as a part time employee.”

Henson also provided a sheet that described the intern position. “We entitled this summer ?s internship ?Production Intern.? The signed on intern will then be responsible for writing, copy editing commercials and running the on-air board.”

At each table there was a great deal of information about each position and also a few give- away prizes, such as keychains or mugs bearing the logo of the company.

Maureen Carey, a WCU senior, attended the fair. “I went looking for a summer internship because I could use the experience and the credits as well. Thejob fair was a big help in getting me out and looking for an internship. It really helped to meet with the representatives face to face and allow them to see me and read over my resume on the spot.”

It was not a requirement to bring a resume; however, it did improve the individual?s chances of obtaining an interview with the company of their choice. And it was also an advantage for the reps to see you face to face and to gain an understanding of what you could bring to their team.

There were a lot of choices pertaining to internships and part time positions. It was also very convenient to walk just a few blocks and have an on campus fair.

The information was very helpful and useful, and the companies that attended had on-site representatives for the individual to talk to and to answer any questions. The turnout of students was terrific. The entire experience was a positive one for those who attended. Job fairs are normally held twice an academic year for those who are interested.

For further information and schedules of events held at Sykes Union Center, log on to their Web site, which can be obtained through the University?s main Web page,

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