Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Is the White House guilty of fuzzy math, creating more social programs than Democrats, and frightening conservative Republicans? “All signs point to yes.”Recently President Bush announced that he plans to spend 1.5 billion dollars on a “health marriage” plan; 1 billion now and 11 billion in support of NASA, or the moon/Mars missions; spending five trillion dollars over nine years for permanent tax cuts, and to extend immigration to those here now that are here illegally. A very strange reaction has occurred in Washington. The Democrats and Republicans both agree that spending and deficit raising must end.

Democrats, who usually support social programs, disagree with Bush’s spending of billions of dollars. The space missions are argued against because many would rather see some of the money spent here on Earth first. The Democrats also argue that the proposed immigration plan for illegal immigrants to have temporary legal status would open a flood gate, which would weaken the economy, and bring into question the security of this nation against terrorists. The issue of 1.5 billion for the promotion of marriage for democrats is viewed as a poor apparition of funds.

Democrats agree with promotion of values, but so long as it does not disenfranchise individuals. The “health marriage” plan directly suggests that gay marriage is unhealthy or deviant. To me, it’s very simple; government should never say anything when it comes to adult/adult relationships, which includes marriage. Yes, there is the legality question, but one could argue the First Amendment right of religion. This means that if gay marriage is banned in the nation one could argue in the name of a religion that does condone gay marriage. This is why Bush advocated in his State of the Union speech the creation of a constitutional amendment to define what marriage is, so he could avoid the situation of conflicting state laws which now exists. A constitutional amendment is a step in the wrong direction; it would undermine civil liberties, and it’s a tad 1984ish.

The Democrats see the tax cuts as fuzzy math. The tax cuts do little or nothing for the average American. On average, most Americans only received three hundred dollars from the tax cuts, and the wealthiest one percent received about 1,000 times that amount, clearly an example of fuzzy math. Over the past two years, Democrats have been forced to become more conservative or Republican-like because of Bush’s spending mania. The president wants to make these tax cuts permanent, which will cause a five trillion dollar deficit over the next nine and a half years, another example of fuzzy math. Democrats don’t like deficits; they like surpluses, and then like to spend some of the surplus on social programs, so it’s a win/win situation if the democrats have majority in Congress.

Republicans are divided over the White House’s issues, especially the conservatives. Most support the issue of the marriage plan. They support the issue of NASA funding, and they are hesitant on tax cuts, but they support them. But they do not support the issue of immigration, claiming it would weaken the economy and cause possible issues for security. The conservatives would prefer that the money for the various programs not be spent at all.

One thing is very clearly supported by both parties: the spending has to stop. It is evident that President Bush is leading this country into a fiscal hell, and if he is not stopped, the results could be devastating. One of two things would occur, or a combination of both: an end to a lot of social programs necessary for the stability of the country, and/or higher taxes.

The space exploration question for both parties is not that they are against the exploration of space, but for it only when the funds exist to support it. I’m not sure if the president realizes how far away the moon is, let alone Mars. One thing is clear: Bush plans to abandon Earth and send our federal tax dollars to the moon.

Jason Maleski is a senior majoring in literature.

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