Wed. Jan 26th, 2022


Is it me or is it cold? The weather hit WCU at full force this week. Just walking to classes seems like a trek through Siberia. I would suggest that everyone bundle up because it does not seem like it will get any warmer.


Looks like when it comes to presidential elections, Pennsylvania is no longer a swing state. It was always a fairly overrated swing state. In the last five presidential elections (including this one), it has gone Democrat. The Romney campaign spent $1.3 million on 1,057 spots and allied super-PAC Restore Our Future spent $1.8 million to run 822 ads. In the end Romney got only 46.8% of the state as opposed to Obama’s 51.9%. That money and energy should have been put towards Ohio or Florida.


What to do about this fiscal cliff? It is a tough question and Washington is certainly scratching their heads thinking of what to do. The fiscal cliff is happening now because certain spending cuts and the Bush tax cuts are set to expire. A good start would be to let the Bush tax cuts expire. An estimated $2.48 trillion in revenue was lost because of these tax cuts. These tax cuts are very unpopular with the American public and rightfully so. They have shown not to enrich the economy, but only the pockets of the elite 5 percent of the rich. Also if there are spending cuts to be made it should be for the military. The amount we spend for defense is far too high.


The situation in the Gaza Strip does not look promising.  There was a ceasefire signed, but nothing has changed.  Neither side is edging towards an agreement. There has even been violence on the border since the ceasefire has been signed. Hamas is the party that is responsible for the attacks against Israel. Israel has blockaded the Gaza Strip since they elected Hamas into power. The Israeli government sent troops in reaction to missiles fired close to Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. The attacks on the Gaza Strip have not weakened Hamas. In fact they are more popular with the Palestinian people than ever. Perhaps a different method should be used in dealing with Hamas.


President Mahmoud Abbas recently had Palestine recognized as a state by the United Nations. This is mostly symbolic, but it may make a difference.  Abbas is a rival to Hamas, so perhaps he will be able to pull support away from Hamas and to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). If the PLO pushes for true peace is not known. For the sake of peace I hope a treaty is made with Israel.

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