Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Underdogs. Eagles fans and Philadelphia sports fans can’t get enough of them. We love that Rocky mentality of starting at the bottom and never giving up, and it seems like every year a few new ones come to us. The scrappy yet somewhat talented, that under-the-radar guy that somehow went unnoticed to the rest of the world. He is our diamond in the rough. It never fails, and this year was no different as Eagle fans instantly fell in love with a wide receiver out of New Mexico by the name of Hank Baskett, a name that sounds like he should work at a deli on High Street instead of playing for the Eagles. Its the perfect Average Joe type of name that gives a guy instant credibility when you combine it with a monster performance in training camp.

With Donte Stallworthe still questionable at best, the Eagles have had to rely on guys like Baskett for big plays. His leaping ability, hands, and size make him a worthy opponent for any NFL defensive back.

In a Dallas game where T.O. was M.I.A, Baskett had an 87-yard touchdown catch that brought the house down. No matter what happens for the rest of the season, at least Eagles fans can take solace in the fact the we beat the star out of the Cowboys and rained on T.O.’s homecoming parade.

Now fans can finally forget about Freddie Mitchell’s infamous fourth and 27 catch and instead cheer for a rookie that doesn’t run his mouth and pretend that he is better than he is. Hank Baskett is just a regular guy who happens to play in the NFL.

In fact, he’s even on Facebook.

Hank Baskett is actually the man behind Hank Baskett’s Facebook account. Facebook is a site like MySpace that allows users to create a profile, upload photos, make “friends,” etc. Many celebrities and professional athletes are represented on Facebook, but for the most part they are simply college kids who are pretending to be a celebrity because its funny or because they are a fan of the person.

For instance, Uncle Jesse from Full House is on Facebook. Apparently he attended University of Chicago, Drexel, Minnesota and many others. The same goes for popular Eagles such as Donovan McNabb and Brian Dawkins.

The difference with Baskett is that he is one year out of college, meaning that he was in school when the Facebook craze began. So it would make sense that he is on Facebook like many other students.

Tim Brown, 22, a recent graduate of Lycoming College who works as a Claims Adjuster, was a four-year starter for the Division III Lycoming Warriors. Through playing football, he met many people and knows a former player who was friends with Baskett and says that it is really him on Facebook.

Still skeptical? Looking at Baskett’s photos on Facebook is a clear indication that he is the one operating the Web page. There are family photos and tagged photos from various students at New Mexico.

Matt Yarnall, a fourth year student at West Virginia, created a fan group honoring Baskett and invited Baskett to join. Baskett accepted the invitation, like any normal person would do when there is a fan group about them.

This is why Hank Baskett is a fan-favorite. Because he came unheralded to training camp, made the team, makes catches in big games, provides another option for McNabb, and now because he’s your new friend on Facebook.

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