Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) Chancellor Judy Hample with the consultation of the Board of Governors and the Presidential Search Committee of WCU has decided to halt the search for the next University president and to continue at a later time.
The West Chester University community was notified by a letter written by Hample on Wednesday, Jan. 23 in the late morning.
The letter indicated the quality of the initial applicant pool in that the “was neither large nor outstanding in the overall depth.”
Kenn Marshall, spokesperson for the State System of Higher Education, said that this type of action “doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.” According to Marshall, Kutztown University’s presidential search was stopped five years ago. The committee, once the search commenced again, was able to attract a better applicant pool and eventually a qualified president F, Javier Cevallos, who remains president today, according to Marshall.
The letter also stated that two candidates withdrew from the applicant pool leaving four candidates. Marshall said that this is not unusual in that the applicants often receive other offers elsewhere.
“We face [it] almost every time,” Marshall said.
The two candidates withdrew within the past week, according to Marshall. Hample and the Council of Trustees for WCU met on Friday, Jan. 18 to discuss the condition of the applicant pool and the search, and the decision to discontinue the search until further notice was made early this week.
Additionally, the Presidential Search Committee will comprise the same people and will not undergo different leadership.
“It’s [pausing the search] not unprecedented, [but it is] unfortunate,” Marshall said.
The search, according to Marshall, will begin in late May or early June, and it will commence from the beginning steps of the process.
” [It will] start from ground zero,” Marshall said.
Until the committee can select a qualified candidate, Linda Lamwers, provost and vice president for academic affairs of WCU, will serve as the interim president following Madeleine Wing Adler’s retirement as of June 30, 2008.
Marshall said that this is “in the best interest of the University,” and it will be “better in the long run, and better for the University.

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