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One thing WCU students have in common is the experience of orientation. Whether a student experienced orientation programs as a freshman or a transfer, it’s very possible that they are able to recognize the phrases “West Chester University is a dry campus,” or “You are responsible for reading the Student Code of Conduct!”

On the other hand, students may not be so familiar with these terms if they were in a daze about trying to get back to their dorm room or wondering who would get dinner with them at Lawrence that night.

Unfortunately, students wait too long to be serious about the important information presented to them at orientation sessions. Students are presented with warnings and guidelines for making smart decisions, however, these warnings don’t always matter- that is, until a student is faced with a judicial document.

In an effort to further educate students in an interesting and interactive manner, Residence Life and Housing Services staff members of various buildings have organized the “Second Annual Booze News” event.

On Thursday, September 30, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Resident Assistants from Allegheny, Brandywine, Schmidt, and University Halls as well as from the South Campus Apartment Complex and Village will sponsor this fun-filled, educational and interactive event.

In an effort to fulfill Resident Assistant programming requirements while thinking outside of the box last semester, junior Jon Curtis came up with “Booze News.” The program included informational sessions provided by the Department of Public Safety’s Security Division, the Women’s Center, Judicial Affairs and Student Assistance, Residence Life and Housing Services, and the Wellness Center.

“We had a really good turnout last year,” Curtis commented about the 150 students who took part in the program in its first time running. “We’re looking to expand the program by also encouraging Greek Life members and other student organizations to attend this year.”

The organizers of “Booze News” hope to make the program even better in its second year. There will be interactive educational sessions for students to attend from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Allegheny Hall.

Students will attend two out of five possible educational sessions at this Thursday’s program.

Each session runs for 45 minutes. Students are able to sign up for the sessions early via e-mail to Resident Director Marcus Harrison at or in the lobby of Allegheny Hall at 4:30 p.m. before the event.

When pre-registering for “Booze News”, students should rank their choices of the five possible session selections.

The session conducted by the Women’s Center entitled “Drunk… Hot or Not: It’s Not Cute and It’s Not SAFE!,” is intended to cover the impact of substance use on decision making and sexual behavior.

In addition to the Women’s Center session, the Wellness Center will present “Drunk or Dying: How to Tell the Difference and Help a Friend.” Mary Jane Rogan and John Allegretto will give students five easy steps to think about when making a decision whether or not to let a friend “sleep it off.”

“Attending ‘Booze News’ is an easy way to get some great information and have a good time,” Curtis said.

Sgt. Matt Paris and K-9 Officer Piper are sure to provide interesting information during their show and tell time entitled “Join Us in the Land of Reality Because Drugs ARE HERE.”

The Department of Public Safety will reveal some shocking information about the drugs prevalent on college campuses as well as the penalties and costs of drug use investigation.

The Department of Public Safetywill also work in conjunction with the Security and Police Divisionsin theinteractive educational session “Safety is Everyone’s Business: GIT (Get It Together)” also scheduled to take place in Allegheny Hall. Lt. Ray Stevenson, Officer Dan Irons, and others from the Department will reveal the dangers of alcohol misuses, basic crime prevention, and personal safety and security tips.

“It’s the way that learning should take place,” educator and former classroom teacher Marcus Harrison (and current Allegheny Hall Resident Director) said. “It’s fun, interactive, and an opportunity for all types of learners to walk away with some type of lesson about this very real issue on college campuses.”

A new addition to the “Booze News” program is the interactive session “I Just Got Busted for Underage Drinking… NOW WHAT?!”

This session will give students the opportunity to see what happens step-by-step upon receiving a citation for underage drinking from the day of the bust to the day in court with the judge.

For those who attend the educational sessions, a Barbeque Extravaganza will be take place on the patio area outside of University Hall with free food and beverages.

In addition to the educational sessions, there will be various participatory activities in Brandywine Hall for anyone to engage in. Students can play flip cup and water pong, try to take a sobriety test while wearing drunk goggles, or participate in the Condom Olympics outside the ground level of Brandywine Hall.

The organizers of “Booze News” would like to extend their thanks to supporters of the event including the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services, University Student Housing LLC, participating University departments and offices, Local, Borough, and Municipal Area Agencies, as well as the WCU Foundation.

Sarah Gurgal is a second year exercise science major. She can be reached at

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