Mon. May 16th, 2022

I have never tasted a diner milkshake. I have been going to West Chester University for three years, and every time I go to the diner, they are always out of milkshakes. I crave them, this food unknown to me. I leave my residence at 11p.m. to try one, only to be disappointed with a sign and an angry scream of ” NO MILKSHAKES!” No milkshakes? What is this? Milk, ice cream and ice, that’s all it takes to make a milkshake. So what’s the issue? I want to get back there and start concocting it myself.

So that’s one problem. I do have to admit that the service has gotten better since last year at the Diner, where they just used to scream out numbers and interrupt conversations with a “WHO ORDERED THIS FRY?” Now our numbers, well, they are put on trees so that a worker comes and brings us the food. Fancy, right? Well, not quite.

When a lot of people are there, the workers can’t find the number on the table, leaving us students with cold fries or spoiled milk. Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating. It doesn’t take that long, but it can be frustrating when our late night study breaks for the munchies take longer than they should.

And don’t even get me started on the service up front. I must have gotten in about 10 fights since I’ve been back on campus with the lady that swipes the meal cards. When I ask for a cup of water, she says she doesn’t have one. Then, because of that, she proceeds to charge me for the price of a WCU water bottle. Now, the whole reason I want a cup of water is because I don’t want to use my flex. Thanks, lady, for putting a dollar dent in my account. ( I know it’s little, but I’m in college!) “No, I’d like a cup of water, please!” She gives up and hands me the tiniest cup known to man, but it will quench my thirst just fine.

My second issue with the ladies upfront is the one meal swipe promise they have going on. I went in there on a Thursday, the grilled cheese day, where just one swipe of the RamCard supposedly guarantees you a grilled cheese, drink and fries. Instead, the lady has me pay for each food item individually, even when I tell her, “No, it says it’s one swipe.” I continue to pull out the menu as she says “What are you talking about? We don’t have that here.” ” Yes, you do. Look.” “Hold on, let me go get someone.” Now the 50 people behind me are getting mad, thinking I’m some kind of cheap person, evil for making them wait for their food, but I wanted to set this straight. She comes back and, low and behold, I am right. I smile with satisfaction and go along on my merry way, grabbing a sample of a broccoli bite ( or two or three) on my way to the booth. Yes, for some reason, they had free samples! (I highly recommend the broccoli bites, by the way.)

So as I sit down with my smile, I get my grilled cheese. But that’s just it. It’s JUST the grilled cheese! I was promised fries. It came with my meal. I want my fries. So I go back up to the counter, show them, and they spend another 10 minutes making my fries. I know other people would be just as mad if they didn’t get those delicious waffle fries with their meal. So, dipping my fries in honey mustard, I am completely content.

Now, the Diner people dread me every time I walk in the door. ( A little far fetched, I realize, I’m not Oprah.)They know how I like my meals, and that I am not going to stand for anything less than what I deserve and pay for. Take that, Diner, with one meal, and a little bit of flex!

Anonymous is a student at West Chester University. She wishes that her identity be concealed.

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