Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Tired of watching television or sitting around your room with nothing to do? Well, hopefully this will help you in those days of boredom. You know those periods of time when youʼre all done with classes, have no reading or papers to do, and it is only the middle of the day? Well, there are a few things that can be done to pass the time. Television is an easy solution. but after a while even that gets boring and you find yourself sitting on the couch desperately wanting to get up and do something. One thing to do is to gather your roommates together and start up a board game. Now youʼre thinking that it sounds lame, but it is actually something that makes the time pass right on by.

Lately, my roommates and I have been getting into Scattergories, as well as the DVD version of Trivial Pursuit. The pop-culture DVD version of Trivial Pursuit is a great game to play because it takes little over an hour, is very competitive and allows the player to answer questions they didnʼt even realize they knew. Another boredom killer activity is going to Blockbuster and picking out a new or old movie to watch with your friends. The actual trip will take up time, and watching the movie is always enjoyable.

Not in the mood to sit in the house? Just a few blocks from campus lies the town of West Chester. Take a walk around and notice the stores there, not just the bars. West Chester offers tons of vintage stores, music and bookstores, restaurants and even art galleries. Plus, you can pick up a brochure from City Hall and find out the great deals and specials each store has to offer, such as on the first Friday night of every month, when certain stores stay open late serving wine, food, and even sales. Of course you can always be the “early bird” and get to the bars for their happy hour specials, which even sometime include food.

If none of this is doing the trick for you, take a car ride down route 100 to all of the shopping centers right before the Exton Mall. There are many shops and also great places to eat lunch or dinner! There is always Sykes Union center as well to satisfy your craving for something to do. Sykes offers movies late in the evening for only a dollar or two with your student ID card. The movies include the latest hits that havenʼt been released on DVD yet. Sykes offers different shows of all kinds, including art galleries and poster sales, musical performances and special guest speakers discussing a range of topics.

Sykes also has the university gym, which contains not only equipment to work out on but also different classes such as aerobics, yoga and even Pilates. You can sign up for a full semester of classes for only $15 with your student ID card. Canʼt beat that deal!

When the spring weather comes around, go outside and start up a game on any of the fields around campus. There are also the basketball courts found right on Walnut Street, as well as a park, or get down to South Campus and go for a run at the track.

You can find many other programs on Sykes Unionʼs Web site, as well as on the main Web site for the University. I hope one of these ideas catches your attention and ends your search for something to do. Good luck and get active!

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