Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The show “Jackass,” teachers, and the giant from “Big Fish”who works at 15 North are just a few of the great things that have come out of West Chester. Now we can add one more thing to the list: the band Overise. Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Joey Denoble is a combo of sweetness and power when he steps up to the microphone. Denoble then joined forces with lead guitarist Mark Bolger. The two were a natural fit and soon Overise was born. Bolger and Denoble attended West Chester University where they were roommates. They soon added bass guitarist Garret Watts, who joined after seeing Overise perform at a live acoustic show. Last to join the group was drummer Kevin Kurtz, who brought Overise to life with his experience and energy. All the members of the band are full time college students which makes it difficult to concentrate on their band. However, they manage to pull it off and their dedication can be heard in their music. Overise has opened for bands like Better than Ezra, Dispatch, Familiar 48, and Junction 18. They have also appeared on the 2004 Skate & Surf Compilation “Under the Boardwalk.” Overise recently finished recording their first 5-song demo entitled A Long Story.

Overise joined forces with two-time Grammy award winner Michael Tarsia who has worked with such stars as David Bowie and Dru Hill. Tarsia worked as chief engineer on mixing and mastering the CD. The music on the album is very impressive.

The first song, “Outside,” shows the true talent of front man Denoble, not to mention the amazing musical accomplishments of the other members of the band. “Itʼs All Over” and “Part-Time Crush” are also enjoyable.

To learn more aboutOverise, visit their Web site at, and while you are there, sign up to be on their mailing list. Fans can purchase A Long Story at the bandʼs Web site, their shows or at www. In the end, Overise looks to bring some dignity and acknowledgement from the music world to the small town of West Chester.

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