Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

To the Editor: Though it hasn’t been covered much by national news, I care to comment on the recent Harley-Davidson employee strike. IAM Local 175, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers, have been on strike for over a week at the York Pennsylvania Final Assembly Plant. This event came after workers voted to reject the new contract that Corporate H-D gave to them. Over 96 percent of workers that showed up to vote on the new contract rejected it, while 98 percent voted to go on strike. After record Harley sales in 2006, the company made over one billion dollars, it’s sad that they can’t give their workers a little more. In fact, the company is asking for concessions in health care and asking for the creation of a two tier wage system that would affect new employees. “When greed takes over, the (bond) of working together is affected,” said Tom Boger, the business representative for the 175. My father, a member of the 175, has worked for Harley Davidson for over seven years and is picketing with the other employees through the single digit weather (his shift is from 3-6 am in the morning on Fridays). I worked for Harley-Davidson over the summer, on third shift (10:45 p.m. – 7:15 a.m.) seven days a week with my dad. It was hot, manual labor that I would do again in a heart beat. I was able to box up the legends, seeing them before they began their journey around the U.S. and world. I saw the bond between the company and their employees. They are loyal, everyone wears Harley gear (from t-shirts to leather jackets) and more then half have their skin inked with the company logo. Harley has been around for over 100 years and it would sad to see it go the way of Indian Motorcycle Co. I would like to send my support to the men and women of the 175. I believe that CEO and corporate H-D have lost the true meaning of what Harley stands for: an “American Classic.” It’s this image that brings the thousands of workers in every day to work for the three shifts that Harley must keep to stay on task of keeping America supplied with it’s motorcycles. It’s part of the American Legend that is Harley Davidson. If I did not attend West Chester then I would be there in person to support him and his fellow workers in their cause!

Kendra Gruber

Programming Director, WCUR Second-year student

To the Editor:

West Chester Women’s Rugby team is a Division 1 sport and one of two varsity programs in the United States, competing against other club teams. Since becoming varsity in 2004, we have clinched positions to the Sweet 16s coming out as ninth in the country in both 2005 and 2006. The team that came out my first year in the fall of 2004, including my teammate Katy Black, was the first women’s varsity rugby team in West Chester history. This past fall, we also made history by winning our first EPRU Division 1 Championship against Princeton. At the end of our spring season in 2006, Katy Black tried out and was selected for the Mid Atlantic Rugby Football Union All Star team, which traveled to Boulder, Colo. to compete in the All Star Championships. The All Star Championships is a tournament style competition formed from the best rugby players from across the USA. Each region selects its best players to represent their respective parts of the country. Black started every game for the MARFU team and was selected as the “Most Valuable Forward” for her team. The All Star Championships are also used as a selection vehicle for the USA National Teams. She was spotted by the USA under 23 Head Coach, Barb Fugate, and was selected to the National team in early August. At the end of August, she was also named to the 2006 USA Collegiate All American list. This is quite the list of accomplishments achieved in three months. When West Chester’s Athletic Department was notified of these accomplishments, our coach was told that personal achievements are not recognized. I know for a fact that there are All American Lists and honorable mentions posted on the West Chester Athletic Web site, so I don’t understand why someone would say personal achievements are not acknowledged. Shouldn’t the athletic department want to praise Black for everything she had worked for? She is from Coatesville, so not only is she a local athlete, but she also had never picked up a rugby ball before her first day of practice in 2004 and in two short years she was able to claim an all star title, all American and a position on the national team. What other athlete at West Chester University can claim that? The athletic department should be using her as an example, to promote the great program developed by West Chester, to recruit new players unfamiliar to the game, and to give her, as well as the rest of our team and coaches respect for developing such a strong varsity program in only two years. Now, I know it’s not The Quad’s fault that she wasn’t recognized, but because West Chester’s Athletic Department isn’t going to distinguish Katy Black as the first player in West Chester Women’s Rugby history to claim ANY of these titles, I figured this is the best place for her to finally get the recognition that she deserves.

Cabrey Grey Third-year student

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