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In today’s world, there are many ways of publicizing events such as fliers, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, mass texting, mass emails, ads in newspapers and magazines and posters. Being in a college atmosphere, there are many events that take place on and around the college campus, in addition to surrounding college campuses. With all the events on the West Chester campus, students may lose track of what event is when, not that students may know when everything is.

On March 27, Olivia Newton-John was on campus for women’s month, promoting breast cancer awareness. She performed a concert at the Phillips Memorial Building on a Saturday evening. When students were asked whether they knew about Olivia Newtown- John being on campus, many of the students had no idea. A number of other students expressed that they felt they only heard of other concerts at times via word of mouth or with minimal boards in Sykes.

Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter have applications to set up events. Through this, one can invite a large amount of people in addition to spreading news about the event. On Facebook, students receive invitations to events for fundraisers at local bars, Greek life events on campus, or other organization’s events.

On campus, students have the Sykes Student Union to utilize as well. There is a large lobby as the entry way where students can advertise in addition to televisions set throughout campus and in Sykes. In addition to these two things, there is a bulletin board right outside the Sykes Ballrooms. As students, they are also able to take advantage of WCUR by making announcements, in addition to the television station that exists through the school as well. As an event coordinator, one can post an ad in the Quad. More and more students pick up an issue in between class or at a lunch table.

“The only advertisements I ever noticed for events were in Sykes, and being an off-campus commuter, I rarely am in Sykes anymore. Even as an on-campus student, I ate more often in Lawrence,” Sam Seltzer said, a fourth-year student.

There are a number of graphic design majors around the West Chester campus in addition to the number of campuses surrounding West Chester, who could add a banner to their portfolios. Getting help from them will help them apply for a job in the future as they can add this work to their portfolios.

“I feel as though we are well aware [of announcements in Sykes] but maybe if people holding events posted new[s] about concerts, events etc around campus more they’d get more of a turnout. They need to make sure to put announcements in places like Sykes, Lawrence and where we go for classes, places where it would bring attention to it. Most events I have heard about are via word of mouth. I had no idea Olivia Newtown John was here until a friend told me the other day,” Kristen Casey said, a first-year student.

Many organizations, such as Greek Life, Habitat for Humanity, or BSU use Facebook to invite people to events. Every President has a list of the emails of Presidents of other organizations and has utilized this list to have them announce at their meetings an event.

Sarah Tansits, a 2009 graduate of West Chester University, remembers living on South Campus and not feeling as connected with campus as students that lived on North Campus.

“I never really knew what was happening because there were no announcements on South Campus about what was happening on North Campus.” Not only being a member but a leader of Phi Mu, Sarah knew how well organizations utilized Sykes for posting fliers and painting on the window at the entrance of Sykes to advertise for their events.

“If you’re not in Sykes, you’re not in the know,” Tansits said about knowing what was happening around campus.

Why not advertise in Lawrence, the library, the West Chester University Main Page, buses going from North to South Campus, and in The Commons?

“My first year at West Chester, I never went to Sykes, I ate more often at Lawrence or in my apartment on South Campus,” Tansits said.

Being members of organizations, it is more of a tendency of finding out about events on campus. Many events hosted on campus are announced weekly at an IGC(Inter Greek Council) meetings on Thursday afternoons. Greek students are “in the know” as Tansits stated because they heard via word of mouth. Being leaders on campus may help the situations.

“There are a decent amount of things to do on campus, like Sykes After Dark has some fun events they offer on campus. My roommates and I went to an event held by Sykes After Dark, Casino night, and that was a lot of fun. There were probably 100 plus people there, which is a pretty good turnout considering how many students there are and different personalities with what students want to do. I think a lot of events are what you make of them. If you want to attend Sykes After Dark or go catch a concert or see a speaker on campus, you will. But West Chester could advertise a little better, maybe by placing an ad in the newspaper, or letting other local campuses know what is going on,” Craig Haber said, a fourth year student majoring in Finance.

Haber also said that trips to the Phillies games can be enjoyable, but the school only gets one bus for students.

“I think it is great to have trips to the Phillies games and think that West Chester should consider going to other sporting events like 76ers games, or Flyers games.”

Many students talked about making the best of what is offered to you and try to get involved with what you can on campus. There are a number of campus activities that have knowledge of what is happening on campus and also offer many things to do on and off campus that do not necessarily include alcohol.

For students who are trying to advertise for an event, consider many of the technological options like Facebook, email, main page of West Chester website or go paper and place an ad in The Quad or contact the many local colleges such as Villanova, Cheyney, and Immaculata. Do not forget that Lawrence and the library are hot spots on campus.

For example, if a group is having an event to raise money for Children’s Network, keep in mind what audience may be sensitive to this, like the education department in Recitation. Or if one wants to have bands play on campus, try advertising in the music and art building mainly.

Many students hope to see more involvement on campus and more students enjoying their time at West Chester University safely.

Suzanne Brady is a fifth-year student majoring in Spanish education. She can be reached at

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