Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

It’s almost here again. The time of year some cannot wait for, but for others, it is a dreadful time trying to find the best apparel. Everyone has been there at one point or another. The winter is slowly winding down; spring break and summer are quickly approaching. Everyone wants to look their best when stepping out into the sun to show off their bathing suit bodies. The problem is, finding the right suit. Decisions, decisions. When walking into the store there seems to be a different kind of bathing suit for every type of body. But what is the best choice?

Well first one has to get into the store and actually pick one out to try on. According to “Try on a size larger than you normally wear. You will probably find less tugging and a better fit.” Never try to squeeze into something that will never fit. Loss of tanned golden skin over the winter months may discourage some shoppers but it won’t before too long until those fabulous tan lines can be shown off once again. The bigger step is buying a suit that is right.

There the mirror stands waiting for the new bathing suit to be shown off. Negative thoughts inevitably cross the buyers mind. Ladies, there is a bathing suit out there for everyone, and the perfect one is still out there. Here is some advice from the on-campus community.

Junior Lindsay Keegan says, “I always go for a two piece black halter top. I feel that black makes me look tan and also the halter is good for any body type. I don’t like anything revealing. Also, I always have to use under wire for support. Boy cut swim shorts shape your bottom!” Junior Kristina Ricci, says “I do not usually go for string bikinis because I feel as though they make my hips look unshapely. I love v-neck halter swim tops. I feel like they work for any body type you possess up top. For the bottom, I go for regular bikini.”

Junior Jane McDonald had a different approach. McDonald says, “I love string bikinis even though I am a big swimmer and surfer. I am not a fan of under wire, and I like anything with a simple pattern.”

When finding the perfect bathing suit the buyer should know to show off the assets she has and avoid showing off those parts that are meant to be concealed. Boy cut swim shorts go for any type of body because they shape the bottom. Halter-tops are always good for any type because they show off curves and also give those lacking shape a little hope. Tankini’s are nice to hide that little pouch or if PMS is kicking in. If concerned about a larger bottom, try a cute skirt to match a swim top, It always works for windy days on the beach.

Any magazine on the newsstands will show a model in a one piece. They are coming back full force! Even some of the most beautiful women in the sun wear a one piece. It is also good for those that are shy and do not want to show off their figure.

For a little piece of advice, we do not all have to look like a model to be in the sun. The point is to choose a suit that makes each individual feel the most beautiful. No matter what anyone says, floral designs will not make swimmers look bigger, and black does not always make individuals look tanner. It is just important to exercise the right way and take care of that beach body. Do not diet to the point where there is nothing to show. Curves are in, so ladies get out there and have some fun.

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