Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Summer vacation is rapidly approaching. This is a time in which many college students spend this precious time off relaxing at their favorite beach or working long hours at a boring summer job. Not a personal preference? No need to worry. Recently there have been opportunities to spend your summer like never before. One way to spend your vacation that can also help you to get ahead in school as well as in the workforce is by doing an internship. According to many internships are unpaid and some give college credits, but they give students the experience needed in the workforce. Many employers check to see if applicants have had internships.

Need help finding the perfect internship? There are countless Web sites including and to assist in finding places to intern at as well as internships on college campuses. The Disney College Program has been advertising on West Chester University’s campus recently and will be having a seminar on campus informing students about the program. The program allows students to work in many aspects of Disney World in Florida including working the rides and dressing up as popular characters. Most majors can find a place for themselves in this program.

Another way to spend summer vacation that will benefit you in the long run physically is working out. Also according to, working out is especially important for incoming sophomores to lose the dreaded freshman 15. The article says that the first year of college is the most stressful and many students do not have time to eat healthy or exercise. They can spend summer making up for lost time or energy.

If students need to earn money during summer break, the number one employment opportunity for them is to work for the local city, county or other government youth program in one’s area, according to In Philadelphia, the Department of Recreation offers many jobs during the summer at their over 125 playgrounds that have summer camps. By working this job, students get experience dealing with children as well as the children’s parents. This can be especially helpful to students majoring in education or another major that requires hands on experience with others. The Philadelphia Recreation department also offers many life guarding jobs as well as pool maintenance.

Number two on the list is vacation spots and seasonal tourist attractions. Along the east coast, many hotels, restaurants and boardwalks at local beaches hire college students to work a variety of jobs. The upside to this is that people will feel as if they are on vacation all the time.

Number three on the job list is airport concession stands and shops. These jobs may be a little harder to find in this area considering the only major airport is Philadelphia International. Number four on the list is casual dining restaurants, fast food and pizza shops. If you stay or live in West Chester or surronding areas during the summer, these jobs may not be hard to find with the numerous restaurants, pizza shops and fast food places. During the summer, food chains may be looking for employees. Rounding out the top five are movie theater jobs. These jobs, like restaurants, are most likely available in most areas.

There are many ways to spend summer besides being a beach bum. Some jobs are paying jobs while others help put a foot in the door to lead to a better or more permanent job in the workforce. When choosing a job this summer, select something that is enjoyable and will not only enhance your bank account but also your character.

Sam Greenberg is a first-year student majoring in English. She can be reached at

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