Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

In our world of cell phones, mass emails and text messages, information can be sent in the time it takes to click a button.However the world was not always as complex as it is today. Throughout history, people across the world would send letters and cards to loved ones and family members as their only means of contact.

Although today we have a vast amount of mediums in which to contact anyone in an instant, a letter is still an acceptable form of communication. With technology continuing to grow, people often forget about former ways of communication. It seems as if the letter has become the VHS of communication, it still exists but no one uses it anymore.

With the increasing amount of technology at our disposal, it often seems silly to write a letter when you can send a text or an email in seconds. However what we have lost is that sentimentality that comes from hand written letters and cards. Letters and cards may take a little bit more time to compose, but it is that time, love and thought that make them so special. A letter can be a timeless piece of art, such as a love letter. A love letter is something that you usually put in a box somewhere to keep as a memory, however with emails and text messages; as soon as the box is full you have lost that message.

National letter and card month is a program brought to us by the United States Postal Service during the month of April. It is an annual event and its purpose is to promote literacy and celebrate the meaningful expression of hand-written cards and letters according to The writing of letters and cards is a timeless form of expression that should be celebrated, and thanks to the USPS it still can be.

Postmasters and customer service representatives at local post offices around the country are encouraging creative letter and card writing by holding contests at local libraries and schools.

Letter and card writing is not something reserved only for friends and family, it is also a great way to thank someone for a job interview or to even apply for a potential position. In job hunting it’s often what makes one stand out from everyone else that can help one get the job. Take advantage of this month and send out some letters to potential employers. If everyone else is sending them e-mail, a nice hand written card or letter is sure to stand out.

If people have already written to all of his or her friends and family, but they still really want to send someone a letter or a card, then write to our troops over seas. Even if one is against the war, it is still a nice gesture that the soldiers will greatly appreciate. Even though it may seem like a lot of work to write a letter, it really is not all that difficult. It is almost like e-mail, only longer and instead of clicking the mouse; put a stamp on the envelope and walk to it to a mailbox. It is not a lot to do and it is that personal touch that will make all the difference.

Tony Higman is a fourth-year student majoring in Psycholoy with a minor in journalsim. He can be reached at

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