Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Looking out upon the snow covered campus, it is hard to imagine getting on a plane to go on spring break. Luckily, though having the hectic schedules of college students, it will be here before we know it.Joining the throngs of students flying overseas, I will be traveling to Italy. As a girl it is important to plan ahead, and by planning I mean knowing what to wear. My first dilemma was finding an acceptable bag that is not inviting to pick-pocketers. As my friend Sam Pagano, who is currently studying abroad in Italy, said, “Pick pocketing is like an occupation down here.”

At the LLBean Web site I found a travel wallet that hangs around your neck. It comes in black or stone color and can hold your passport, money or any keys you may have for only $10. If having something around your neck is not appealing to you, then Le Sport Sac is the way to go, since they carry a variety of shapes and sizes iofbags. They have a double zip belt bag with nylon material that comes in various different prints (LeSportSac. com). Fear not, this is not your standard fanny pack. When flying for hours, it is essential to be comfortable. One WCU student, Ashley Shaw, recommended Juicy Couture. “They sell sweat pants and jackets in lots of different colors,” she said, “and you wonʼt look sloppy when you get off the plane.” A Web site called shopbop.com carries comfortable but trendy clothes in over 20 brands from C&C California to Juicy Couture. It also posts any sales that may be available.

Lastly and possibly most importantly are shoes. Since I am not planning to walk around Italy in my Nikes, I needed to find a shoe that looks nice, but will not kill my feet while doing so. Suede ballet flats with flowers on top from Gap.com come in turquoise, pink, black and yellow for $39.50. For an even cheaper version, Target carries black ballet flats at the reasonable price of $16.99.

There is nothing like a little shopping to warm a girl up. So despite the wintry mix, it is comforting to know we can still plan ahead in hopes of far off places. Bon voyage.

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