Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

For many West Chester University students the number 10,000 may be associated with the amount of money owed in student loans or the amount of tests theyʼve had to endure to get a Bachelorʼs degree; however, the number 10,000 is rarely associated with the number of steps taken per day.Although it may seem like a lot of time is spent walking to class, a new study presented to the American College of Sports Medicine indicated that college students are walking less than children aged 6-12.

Perhaps, recess is needed in addition to class in order to increase the average of 7,700 steps per day to the suggested 10,000 daily steps. To beat those energetic youngsters weʼre going to have to walk 11,000- 13,000 steps per day.

So get moving! Join the WCU Moving Company to meet new friends, set exercise goals and win prizes along the way to the finish line. The WCU Moving Company is a joint venture between the Fitness and Wellness Centers, who can provide the equipment and the education needed to get on track to fitness. The Center designed a program that allows everyone to set individual mileage goals for the semester and track those goals using Blackboard. Through Blackboard, WCU Moving Company offers mileage maps of campus, access to local exercise groups, helpful tips on maximizing any workout chosen and much more.

The first 25 students to register at the Sykes SSI window will receive a free pedometer. Since on-going support is provided, the WCU Moving Company also offers incentives along the way such as pedometers and customized water bottles and T-shirts. All you have to do is walk, run, bike, swim or climb your way to those mileage goals and be rewarded along the way.

Donʼt let those elementary school kids run circles around you! Join WCU Moving Company today and get in shape with those on your campus playground.

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