Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

It’s that time of year again: “American Horror Story” has returned. Season 3 “Coven” began on Oct. 9th with a bang. The season opened with scenes from the 1830’s, showcasing the evil practices of a New Orleans Plantation owner, Delphine LaLaurie, played by, Kathy Bates. Delphine is, to say the least, an egotistical sociopath who treats her slaves as personal cosmetics and mutilating toys. Obsessed with looking younger, Delphine’s reign soon comes to an end when a voodoo priestess named Marie Laveau, played by Angela Bassett, knocks on her door offering her a concoction, thus beginning the rivalry between these two women.
The story then jumps to present day to a suburbia home with two teenagers, one, a returning actress Taissa Farmiga playing Zoe Benson, as well as her boyfriend. Like most of the “AHS” seasons, this one also begins with violence, followed by sex, and then some violence again. After Zoe’s unwanted violent act on her boyfriend, she is sent away to this so-called boarding school for “girls like her.” It is all very vague until she arrives. After being frightened, she learns she is at a school for witches.
Soon, the girls in the house meet, but are not very fond of each other. Emma Roberts plays a self-absorbed movie star named Madison Montgomery who soon becomes friends with new girl, Zoe. Seemingly weak and shy, Zoe sticks with Madison, who consequently takes her to a frat party when, then again, there is sex, violence, some more sex, and then some more violence, ultimately killing Zoe’s crush, Kyle, played by returning actor Evan Peters.
The other two witches in the house are Queenie, played by Gabourey Sidbe, and Nan, played by returning actress, Jamie Brewer. Queenie seems to be angry and resentful. Her gift is her ability to afflict harm on others by using her own body. Queenie gets along with Nan, a witch that has the ability to hear the dead and the living’s thoughts, which causes her to become curious and sometimes frustrated.
The story then divulges into the life of the owner of the boarding school, Cordelia Fox, played by returning actress, Sarah Paulson, as well as her mother Fiona Good, played by renowned returning actress, Jessica Lange. Both have a feuding power relationship whose roots are unknown. While Fiona spends her existence looking for a cure for her old age, Cordelia strives to help these girls suppress their powers. Fiona, revealed as the “Supreme” witch, is ultimately the most powerful and returns to the school to help the witches “fight,” because Fiona says, “if witches don’t fight, we burn.”
“AHS” usually takes on a more believable horror to work with, so witches is definitely an unexpected choice. I was expecting it to be something like serial killers, something a little more realistic than witches, but I’m sure I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I always am with this show,” says an avid watcher of “AHS.” Most viewers had the same opinion when being asked about what they think of the story line this year. “As usual, it goes beyond what I expected. It starts out with witches, but that’s just the beginning,” says Lauren DeMarco, a strong advocator for the success of “AHS.” And she is right. The second episode shows even more than just witchcraft. Tune in to the 3rd episode of “American Horror Story: Coven” on FX this Wednesday at 10 p.m.
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