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Now that winter has finally made an appearance on December 2, despite the lack of a fall season, it can only mean one thing- the holidays are right around the corner. Following some wistful trips through the state of Pennsylvania and an adventure through New England covering West Chester Football, my thoughts turned to New Years resolutions. Now, every year millions of Americans resolve to do such things as lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with their families and -the classic of all broken promises- give up sweets. You see, many if not all of these goals have a shelf life of one to three weeks and generally have little effect on the individual once the calendar turns to February and beyond.

With that in mind, I sit here staring at an empty word document resolving to compile the ultimate list of sports resolutions for the year 2007. Many of these might seem far-fetched, but rest assured. By the time this space is filled in December ’07 a majority of these will be checked off the list.

So without further adieu, here is my ultimate sports resolution list. In no particular order:

1. Play a round of golf with a member of the Golden Ram golf team. You see, I’d like to consider myself a golfer, but in reality I am a hacker of the worst degree. My slices have more curves than Angelina Jolie and I have launched many a club into the air following a wormburner from the middle of the fairway. The way I figure, a team that captured its first PSAC championship since 1969 might just be my only hope to finding a game.

2. Attend a Flyers and Sixers game on the same day. The ultimate sports marathon, catching two games in less then 12 hours. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get to see the Wachovia Center staff melt the ice and drop the hardwood. Given the recent history of these teams, it might be the most excitement I’ll witness that day.

3. Catch a game at the Palestra. Philadelphia is the cradle of the greatest college basketball tradition in America, the Big Five, and the Palestra is its Mecca. Nothing beats the pomp and circumstance of a Big Five game. Hopefully John Chaney will not come out of retirement to once again “send in a goon.”

4- Spend a week studying game film with Coach Zwaan and staff. As a student of the game, I would love to break down tape with the best coaching staff in the PSAC. It could prove to be a valuable learning experience. PS: Coach, I might just have some trick plays drawn out on a cocktail napkin or two that you just HAVE to see.

5. Open the season as the Philadelphia Phillies starting left fielder. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

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