Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

“Music is so important to all of us” says Sam Serinsky, guitarist and back-up singer for band, Cheap Seats. Cheap Seats is a musical band that plays everything from Motown to 60s rock.

“To me, our music is a mixture of our influences, which range from the early days of Motown to the Wall of Sound production technique and sunshine pop of the mid-to-late 1960s’.

“All in all, we try and play music that makes people feel good; this is what we feel music is about in the first place,” Sam Serisky said.

Serinsky graduated from WCU in the fall of 2009 with a degree in Communication Studies.

Along with being a full-time student at West Chester, Serinsky was also involved in the “DNA Discussion project” which is a program run by Communication studies professor, Dr. Anita Foeman.

Serinsky also was occupied with other projects focused on green energy and sustainability. “I loved my time as a student at WCU, I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience.” Out of all five band members, Sam is the only member who attended West Chester University. Cheap Seats’ band members include lead vocalist, guitar player, and pianist Vincent John. Paul Sipio plays piano, organ, and back-up vocals. Christopher Frangicetto plays the bass guitar and Tom Gryskiewicz is on drums.

Sipio just graduated from Northeastern University and the New England Conservatory of Music.

Frangicetto is currently going to Temple University.

So how did Cheap Seats evolve? “We have all been playing music our whole lives. We met through mutual friends in the Philadelphia area.” Serinsky described collaborating ideas with the band as “a really fun process.”

“When an idea comes to the table, we all work with it until it becomes what we feel is the best it can be. All of the members in the band bring their own creative influence.”

“Our name comes from the idea of looking at the world from a distance, as if you are watching life like it’s a movie, from the Cheap Seats.”

Cheap Seats has played in different venues such as The Note, World Café Live, Puck Live, Marbar, The Fire and MillCreek Tavern.

Anyone interested in learning where Cheap Seats is playing next can go to their MySpace page ( With the rising fame of the band, Sam only has excitement to see where the future leads Cheap Seats.

“Music is so important to all of us. Playing and creating music is something we want to do all day, every day, and for many years to come.”

Angela Thomas is a third year student majoring in English and minoring in web technology. She can be reached at

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