Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

To the Editor,
I found Rick Loughery’s article, “Liberal party continues to lose ground” (as well as all his other closed-minded ones) utterly appalling. I found his comments about the current leadership of the Democratic Party incendiary and pointless. There is no need to gloat that George W. Bush won the election, which, by the way, was by a narrow margin. I would hardly call a victory of barely 2 percent to be a great victory. To me this shows a nation bitterly divided, one where conservatives have a base much closer to that of liberals than he claims. He criticized Barbara Boxer for “harassing” Condelezza Rice, but she only spoke the truth in her criticisms and wanted to make sure that Ms. Rice, Congress, and most importantly the American public heard what she had to say. The only reason why Rice felt harassed during that interview was because she was uncomfortable facing the truth! He also called Jimmy Carter “American history’s worst modern-day president.” While Jimmy Carter’s term as president was not marked by sweeping successes, his humanitarian efforts then and since make him a person to be admired and respected, despite a mediocre record as president. And what good has your beloved President Bush done, Mr. Loughery? Under Bush our country sustained the largest attack on its own soil in nearly 50 years, we are engaged in a war that seems more and more like Vietnam every day, and the economy is in ruin. What a record that is! And when the American public finally realizes the egregious mistake it has made, I am sure that they will make the correct choice in 2008–LIBERAL! Proud to be Liberal,
Joseph Piccione

230 E. Rosedale Ave.
Apt. 224
West Chester, PA 19380

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