Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

The King of Indie Rock proves he is not going to give up his throne anytime soon. Conor Oberst is backed by his talented band, Bright Eyes, which released two new, amazing and extremely powerful albums. Bright Eyes ventures into the electronic world in the new album Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. With the use of keyboards and adorable midi-beats, this album takes the emotional lyrics of Obesrt and transforms them into something a little less melancholyand a little more magical. This 12-track masterpiece allows listeners of all kinds to tune into and enjoy Bright Eyes. Digital Ash in a Digital Urn is extremely different from his usual “uber-emotional” and heart wrenching memoirs set to music. Though the songs on this album still portray Oberstʼs inner- most feelings to the highest degree, the toe-tapping beats and melodies combined with these feelings put into words causes a cheerful and cutesy mood, for about two-thirds of the album. As Oberst fiddles with new found toys such as keyboards, he shows through this album that he was most certainly in an experimental mood.

Bright Eyes have put out well over ten records, EPs or splits, and none of them have been as experimental as this album. Due to this recordʼs individuality when compared to his previous albums, it truly exemplifies the musical genius behind this inventive and intelligent band. Bright Eyes never leaves an inch of disappointment behind their latest and greatest musical works of art.

If you are familiar or fond of such bands as Broken Social Scene, Elliott Smith Son or Ambulance, you will most certainly enjoy Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. Itʼs a whole new side of Bright Eyes and it will leave you wanting more. That must be why they decided to release two records at the same time, the second being Iʼm Wide Awake, Itʼs Morning. Oberst begins his second CD with a heart-warming spoken tale of a woman, her birthday party and the utmost love that woman had from all of her friends. He then goes into song a which has a bit of an old country twist to it along with a happy-go-lucky beat. If you have been a fan of Bright Eyes for sometime and truly enjoy his previous albums, this album will blow them all out of the water, except for maybe Fevers and Mirrors.

This album, quite different from Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, contains slow songs with emotionally powerful lyrics combined with beautiful and calming music. Most musicians are liberal and Oberst is not an exception.

This album seems to have quite a few political undertones, leaving fellow liberals finally feeling as if their voices have been heard. This album is not solely an elegy to our government; it also covers other social issues in one, giant cathartic blanket. This album could be more closely compared to a movement rather than just another CD. Out of any musician I know and listen to, Oberst is the only one who can take my thoughts and put them into each and every one of his songs. Such an amazing quality as this is definitely a turn on for all music lovers.

If Iʼm Wide Awake, Itʼs Morning tickles your fancy, other bands that may interest you would be Cursive or Death Cab for Cutie, to name a few.

This second Bright Eyes album is truly one of his best. It has its happy songs and its sad songs. Every song is truly touching, in one way or another. I recommend this album to anyone who appreciates good music and definitely to those of you who are already Bright Eyes fans. Even if you only like a few of his songs, Iʼm Wide Awake, Itʼs Morning fully exposes the mastery of music Bright Eyes has to offer. Itʼs solid genius.

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