Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Imagine this: it is 5:30 p.m. on a Monday evening, the temperature is 30 degrees, and a bunch of psyched Incubus fans are standing in line outside, waiting to be let into the Electric Factory in Philadelphia to watch their favorite band perform at 8 p.m. The concert, their first in three years, was held Monday, Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. The tour was promoting Incubus’ latest CD “Light Grenades,” which was released to anxious fans on Nov. 28, 2006. The opening artist was Albert Hammond, Jr., whom people may know from his band The Strokes.

After waiting through the freezing cold and dancing through Hammond’s music, fans were ready to be enthralled by the sounds of Brandon Boyd, Michael Einziger, Jose Pasillas, Chris Kilmore and Ben Kenney.

As audience members chattered among each other, the lights went out, and the sounds of “Just a Phase” from their “Morning View” album were bouncing off of the walls of the venue and into the ears of hundreds of happy admirers.

The fans were feeling Incubus, especially during songs such as “Anna Molly” and “Diamonds and Coal.” The crowd was a little crazy with mosh pits absorbing fanatics that did not want to be thrown around and constantly pushing people towards the stage, but that is to be expected when attending a rock concert.

Though a lot of songs played were from “Light Grenades,” which was to be expected, Incubus did play a variety of older songs.

Songs such as “Wish You Were Here,” “Are You In?” and “Warning,” all from their “Morning View” LP, were all crowd pleasers. “Megalomaniac” and “Sick Sad Little World” were also little surprises from their “A Crow Left of the Murder” CD that made the crowd go crazy.

What seemed to do it for everyone was the last number, “Earth to Bella (Parts one and two).” The way they played their instruments with their own solos was enough to make someone want to start their own band.

After “Earth to Bella,” the crowd was lingering, which made many think that Incubus would be coming back on for an encore.

To everyone’s delight, they did just that. They performed three more songs: “Quicksand,” “A Kiss to Send Us Off” (both from “Light Grenades”) and “Calgone” from their CD “Science.”

Incubus put on a fantastic show. No complaints can be made about anything except for maybe the crowd singing along to the songs a little too loudly. But, the mass of people were extremely friendly with everyone, which made the concert even more pleasant.

Overall, the concert was incredible. Many people stood outside in the freezing weather to await the show and it was obvious to all that it was worth two hours of blissful music with the boys from Incubus.

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