Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Once again for the umpteenth time we see Erin Joyce with nothing to write about. She chooses for her third time, maybe fourth, to write about the leader of our country by bashing him and in doing so embarrassing herself. Her pessimistic attitude towards our country is shown well throughout her unpatriotic article. Erin obviously has not only now, but also in the past has shown no respect for the person who holds power in this country. Maybe her jealousy is due to the fact that the only thing she holds is her mouse on a Friday night; just to click IM messages back and forth to her parents and get fed her political ways. Only once have I ever read about the support she gives toward the other candidate who happened to lose. And no, I am not taking sides in the political debate because God only knows that I find value in many of your points. It is just that I see no value in the way you constantly go against one of our own. If we squabble here at home, how will we overcome the evil that continues to build around the world? Consider out country to be like a team. Now I know this might sound like we are talking about sports and it might be a little over your head Erin, but stick with me. If the members of the team are constantly at each others throats, that team will never win. I also take offense when you mock our troops. They are doing their duty so don’t bring them into this. You state the words, his “trained troops”, as in the president’s, can not catch bin Laden. I’ll stand behind our troops proudly for the work they have been ordered to do. So don’t go there.
Everyone knows the issues by this point so you need not stress abortion rights or gay marriage. The cries out of your mouth are like that of a third grader who just broke her pencil. The third grader will stop when she simply sharpens it, and you will shut your yap when you simply realize it. Nobody “ordained” the president. His views are agreed upon by millions of Americans who said on Nov. 2nd, this is who I feel best overall represents us. There are very few out there that will agree will 100% of what either candidate says, but you have to count the differences in your red and black chips, and then cast your vote. What Erin forgot to do everyone, is afterward, throw all her chips in the middle and say, “my guy didn’t win, but I will support my country anyway.”
Erin will continue to write to the quad and catch all of our eyes in the future. Much like Howard Stern, her style is inappropriate, but we continue to listen just because we want to see what she will say next. Trust me Erin; your five minutes of fame will be short lived after your college career. You will most likely stay in our free county, free that is to pay taxes, taxes, and then more taxes. But there is the freedom to support it. You disgust me with the amount of support you have for this country. You have less support for the US than a training braw.
I want this letter to be somewhat informative and not just a roast of an unthoughtful senior. Two of my issues about our president are just food for thought. Why is it that in a country of 270 million people and growing do we choose a father son duo to lead the country? How is it that out of all those people that all we came up with was a name? All of these people can’t find a better thinker, planner, and representative for our country so we keep it in the family. Sounds like a great kingdom to me. So who’s in the running for the 2012 election, Barbra or Jenna Bush? Doesn’t the first family have a Labrador? Let’s throw a Bush after his first name and throw him in the election too. Secondly, but more importantly, the quality of our presidents public speaking needs to improve. The real people behind the election have lead the horse to water, but can’t make the horse be a good speaker, even if they attach a reception box to his back! His Um’s, Der’s, and Uh’s might impress the southerners, but up here, we notice. I just want a representative that can deliver a speech and move me. However, he is our president, and I will stand behind him, while always looking out for
And in conclusion, Erin thinks that our beloved president looks like gizmo from the gremlins movie. Well I’d rather look like that little fur ball instead of the female gremlin that she represents; you know, from Gremlins 2. Thanks for your time and have a nice day.
Please put this in the quad next week, Nicholas Hulik

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