Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Poet Glade Byron Addams once said, “Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.” Alumnus David Metter’s bus has taken a detour from his days of studying history here at West Chester University to follow his passion of writing, specifically comedy.

Metter graduated summa cum laude, with highest honors, from WCU in December 2008. He grew up in Narberth, Pa., graduated from Harriton High School, and attended the University of Vermont before transferring to WCU.

Recently, Metter had his first short story, although not comedic, published in Brooklyn-based literary magazine, “Juncture.” He wrote a half-hour television sitcom pilot called “Guest House,” produced last year by Pomerantz Pictures, a production company in Philadelphia, which intends to shop the idea to networks this spring. He has also been helping WCU professor Dr. Lawrence Davidson with research on his upcoming book about cultural genocide.

“David is a smart and creative fellow. He certainly was one of my most intelligent and inquisitive students. I think he will go far,” Dr. Davidson said.

Most notably, Metter just developed a comedic faux advertisement video for a product he concocted called “Soup Boots,” in which one can not only eat soup out of a boot, but also put on the footwear.

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, Metter and the producer of “Soup Boots,” his friend Matt Isenberg, appeared on NBC10’s “Your News” segment with Lori Wilson. Metter explained that the idea for the YouTube video just came to him when he realized that the words “soup” and “boot” sounded funny together, so he recruited his friend Sam Stanford to help with a jingle.

“It’s the first soup to come in a boot,” Metter said, as Isenberg sat to the side eating from the Soup Boot. “And the first boot to come with soup.”

Of course, the product is not actually for sale, but it looks like the beginning of an exciting journey for Metter.

“I’d love to write for ‘Saturday Night Live,'” Metter said to Wilson. “Or have my own show on NBC with Matt producing. It’d be great because I could have a show on NBC for 7 months and then get paid a lot of money for leaving the network,” Metter joked.

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