Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

The hottest item off Nashville, Tenn.’s musical platter would have to be the latest Modrockers, The Pink Spiders. Matt Friction (vocals/guitar), Jon Decious (bass), and Bob Ferrari (drums) debut their album entitled Hot Pink which most certainly lives up to its name. This album is incredible and a true work of musical genius. Each track delivers a different, powerful and irresistible sound and tune. The Pink Spiders have a natural aura about them that simply screams “toetapper!” Perhaps my favorite track off the album is No. 2, entitled “Teenage Graffiti.” This “poppy” ’60s inspired track is, in simplest terms, fun.As bizarre as this may seem, “Teenage Graffiti” is reminiscent of the made-for-the-silver- screen band The Wonders’ hit “That Thing You Do.” Other musical influences such as The Beatles, the Kinks, The Hives, and even Weezer shine through and not only on “Teenage Graffiti,” but on all 11 amazing tracks. Another creditable element to Hot Pink would be the natural and enjoyable flow of each song into the next. The album seems to go by so quickly because each song fits so perfectly in its spot on this record. The songs themselves are short and incredibly sweet but never leave the listener something to be desired.

This album is the latest “ear candy,” no doubt about it. I recently saw The Pink Spiders play at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster for their record release of Hot Pink. The guys put on a magnificent show and got the whole crowd excited and involved. It was an incredible performance and one can’t resist Bob Ferrari’s drumming skills, seeing as how it’s stated on his drum set, “Bob Ferrari- World’s Greatest Drummer.” I don’t think anyone begged to differ.

The show was everything I expected it to be. One surprising thing was that when they perform live, the band tends to play slightly heavier than they do on their album. This performance style doesn’t take away from the fine and hip-shakin’ quality of each individual track; it just seems a little more powerful.

I give Hot Pink five stars out of five, hands down. If you are interested in any Mod-inspired rock and roll with a surf rock flare, The Pink Spiders will more than float your boat. It has been quite some time since I have heard an album in its entirety and have been completely pleased. The Pink Spiders know how to perfectly blend a mod style with their own inventive twist. Matt Friction, Jon Decious, and Bob Ferrari have mastered their own musical art form and I have fallen head over heels for it.

For more information about upcoming shows or this outstanding record, just visit the band’s Web site, www.pinkspiders. com. I definitely recommend this album for anyone who is looking for something new or ould love to have tons of fun with only a new album and a pair of headphones. I guarantee Hot Pink will always be a great time and never disappoint.

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