Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Recently, the media has become flooded with liberal pundits, politicians, activists and columnists attempting to chime in on the results of the election and, apparently, they are not happy. Could their unhappiness be attributed to the reelection of President Bush? Or possibly due to the expansion of the Republican majority in Congress? The answer: all of the above. Therefore, this is my letter to the left.This is a wake up call to liberals everywhere: America is a conservative nation. Actually, it is one of the most conservative nations in the world. I recommend that every liberal go out and purchase a map of the national election results that include color-coded counties of each state in the union. If you do, you will see that the entire nation is red, even a vast majority of the states that went for Kerry. California is mostly red, except for its urban centers. The same goes for liberal New York and actually, it?s not so liberal!

The vast majority of the state of New York is red, except New York City and a few other urban areas. If the left wants to win a presidential election, then you need to nominate a candidate who is worth the vote.

I don?t mean to burst your bubble, but on Nov. 2, the liberal train hit a brick wall. Don?t pass go, and don?t collect $200! Liberals fell hard.

However, this is not your fault… entirely. In America, your beliefs and ideals are welcome, according to our Constitution.

Yet, you have some people speaking on your behalf that have created the brick wall you?ve just hit. Michael Moore and Hollywood, for starters, have created the scariest persona for the Democratic Party. I personally know some moderate Democrats who shudder at the name of Michael Moore, and it is a shame that Moore is speaking on their behalf.

It?s a shame that the Democratic National Committee sat Moore next to President Carter at the Democratic National Convention, like it was an honor to have Moore at the convention! It is a shame that the Democratic Party, who holds a majority of moderates as well as leftists, nominated a liberal candidate who couldn?t get the votes.

Another shame is the reaction of liberals to the election results. The New York Times? liberal columnist Maureen Dowd has gone as far as saying that the red states have declared a religious “jihad,” and she repeatedly stated how she is so terrified. It is not a “jihad,” Maureen. It is called voting, and conservative America came out in huge numbers on Election Day. This is democracy, not religious warfare.

Dowd?s reaction was more like war-mongering than anything that happened on Nov. 2.

I will simply offer some advice to my fellow patriots on the left. A huge majority of Americans re-elected George W. Bush, so respect our democratic system. Bush is president of the United States of America, so no matter how hard some columnists might try, you cannot repress the memory.

If this is unacceptable to you, I can show you to the door; if you can?t respect our nation, then you have every right to give up your citizenship. If you are not happy, please leave. There are hundreds of other nations in the world, and if you disagree with our country so much I am positive there is a more suitable one out there for you. I realize most people are not so ignorant, so to those who may disagree with President Bush and Republican policies, but realize that America is the land of the free, home of the brave and, truly, the best place to live in the world, then I stand next to you as your fellow American.

America is the land of patriots. We pride ourselves in traditions for the love of our country. America is the nation where you can disagree with the government and have the freedom to say so out loud.

However, there is no room here for people who can?t respect the proud patriotism of America and the sacrifices our ancestors have made to create the greatest nation on Earth. Therefore, for the freedom that many died to give to me, I say, “God Bless America” and those that defend it.

Rick Loughery is a junior majoring in political science.

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