Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

An independent film festival is coming to West Chester University. Entitled “The Lost Film Festival,” this program consists of films which are not usually seen at big independent festivals.West Chester University student John McAvoy can be credited with bringing this program to campus. When asked why he wanted to expose students to the festival, McAvoy explained, “The festival attempts to showcase completely independent media. Truly independent media is not represented well. What people do not understand is that a smaller budget doesn’t mean poor quality.”

Last year, there was a previous attempt to bring the festival to West Chester but it did not occur. This year, with funding from the West Chester University Student Government Association, West Chester After Dark, and the biggest contributor, the Media Advisory Board, the festival is made possible.

The festival is to be hosted by festival director Scott Beibin. On Dec. 1, it will make a stop in Main Hall 168. Begining at 8:00 p.m. with free admission. The screenings will include short selections ranging from powerful narratives to ridiculous comedies. The films all deal with social issues such as globalization, racism, and homophobia. Beibin will provide commentary throughout the presentation.

Since 1999, the festival has been presented at numerous colleges like Penn State University, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Columbia University. At these festivals, there have been famous speakers like Christian Slater and Salma Hayek. Although the presentation at West Chester will not include a famous speaker, the film festival is only one segment of a threeday showcase. On Dec. 2, the campus television station will showcase independent student films. Then on Friday, Dec. 3, WCUR will play music by local artists. The motivation behind this showcase is to provide an outlet where all three channels can come together.

Keep your eyes open around campus for more information about this festival. Dec. 1-3 promises to be an enlightenting and entertaining evening for all involved.

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