Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

With so much focus in society on masculinity and what it means to be a man, several students have come together to form a new club on campus called Man Up. This new program at West Chester University will focus specifically on dealing with men’s issues. “The name ‘Man Up’ is something I came up with because it means to step up and be a man, and the purpose of our organization is to combat the stereotypes of men and define what it TRULY means to be a man,” said Steve Brenoskie, a member of the Greek community who is currently heading the Man Up program, along with Steve Vescovich of the Friar’s Society and Marcus McDuffie of WCUTV. Kendrick Mickens, who is the facilitator for the Men’s Issues Task Force, has signed on as faculty advisor.”We plan to make the men and women of WCU aware of men’s issues surrounding them and educate them on how to deal with and eliminate these issues when necessary,” Brenoskie said.

“We encourage men to join because it is time men take responsibility for the issues surrounding them and work to combat them.” The idea for the student-led group was first sought by the Men’s Issues Task Force, a group of faculty and students who seek to address specific men’s issues.

“The problem with that organization is that the faculty members can only dedicate a small amount of time to the group. Therefore, they thought it would be more effective to have an actual student organization dedicated to men’s issues,” Brenoskie said. Still in its beginning phases, Man Up looks to be a recognized organization at the beginning of the spring semester. Positions are currently being filled; however, eight other men are involved in the project, including Darrell Thomas, Matt Youssef, John Bernardi, Anthony Maalouf, Michael Mezzasalma, Joe Zaleta, Rob Pomponio and Tanner VanDell.

Brenoskie stresses that even though the organization is called Man Up, it is not exclusive to men. He added that that the Women’s Center has been a supporter of this organization since it was in the idea stage, and that he would like the two organizations to work together in the future. “We invite any men OR women to come join this organization,” he said. “We encourage women or members of any other culture to join because we understand and respect different views. We also feel having different views will help better combat issues.”

For more information about the Man Up program, e-mail Steve Brenoskie at SB566875@wcupa. edu, or keep an eye out for the organization to gain momentum during the spring semester.

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