Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The holiday shopping season has officially started, along with the frantic rush to find the perfect present for those special people.For those with big families, it can be quite a challenge to pick something special and unique for everyone, especially as time winds down. With this list of the musthave presents of 2004, shopping adventures will be completed with plenty of time to spare.Remember the huge rush to get “Tickle me Elmo” a couple of years ago? Fisher-Price has done it again this year with the “Hokey Pokey Elmo.” Not only does Elmo sing the familiar song but he actually dances along with children. This toy will keep any child occupied for hours.

Another holiday hint for the little ones is any item from the Leap- Frog Company. This company has made learning fun by turning old games into a new experience. Video games, movies and audio books are just a few of their products. Not only will the child on your list have fun but you will also make their parents happy! For friends, siblings and cousins a portable DVD player is perfect, especially for those who are in college because they are great for those long trips home. This gift is also perfect for a cramped dorm room because they are so small and can be put away when not in use.

Another great gift is an MP3 player or an iPOD because nobody can live without music. Music lovers who want all of their music all at once will look for an MP3 player. It is small so athletes can use them in practice, and they are easy to transport.

Every parent and grandparent loves to capture the special moments, so why not make their lives easier with a digital camera for the holidays? They are easy to use because stores now carry digital camera printers. These printers use Kodak paper so they are just like regular pictures without the extra work of taking them to be developed.

Grandparents can also see how the pictures will turn out seconds after taking them and delete the bad ones on the spot. Although these cameras are expensive in stores, on Ebay they can be purchased for about $100. If that is too much money for you to spend on one person, either make it a joint gift for two people or split the cost with another family member.

These are just a few of the hot items for this yearʼs holiday season. Be sure to shop as soon as possible, because these items may not last long in stores.

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