Sun. Aug 7th, 2022


Pick a comfortable costume for Halloween. You may have a great idea for a costume. You may spend the whole day creating a very elaborate costume to wear to a party. For example you make a big costume out of a carboard box that you converted to a house or something like that. Just remember you have to spend all night in that thing. You do not want something too clunky or awkward. You may be at a party and have to move in between tight spaces of people. People will not be very happy if you keep knocking them over with your costume. Also pick a costume that suits the weather. Not too many layers if it is cold or not too short if it is warmer. Choose a costume that  is no a hassle.


Deadlines are important. When something is due by a certain time it gives the assignment a sense of importance. Exams and papers have deadlines because they are of importance. I understand when a professor gives a paper or test a strict deadline. It is important, so there it takes precedent over many other things. There is no reason to miss something that important. The only problem is when the professors do not apply that standard to themselves. It is hypocritical when a professor gives a strict deadline with no exception on assignments, but take a great amount of time to return the graded assignment. If an assignment is demanded on a prompt time then it should be returned on a prompt time.


Hurricane Sandy is coming. I am already hearing stories of people stocking up on supplies for when it hits us. The best advice I have is about food and cars. There is a good chance the power will go out around town. That means it is going to be hard to cook food with no microwavce or stove. Invest in food that is packaged and does not have to be cooked. Perhaps power bars or fruit. If you have a car on campus make sure you park it in the right place. Parking under a tree is not a good place. If you really want to be safe then you should move your car into a parking garage. A parking garage insures that the car will be safe from debris and rain. Planning ahead may pay off in the long run.


Hurricane Sandy could bring widespread destruction. It is threatening our safety with strong winds and heavy rain. Too bad the name is not very threatening. Why is it that hurricanes always have such normal names? Sandy does not sound like something that could destroy your house or neighborhood. It is hard to take a hurricane seriously when it shares the same name as the squirrel from Spongebob Squarepants.

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