Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Welcome back!!

Our Student Government is working on some excellent projects this semester, some minor, others groundbreaking. But our purpose and objective, is to be the student voice – we cannot do that without you. I really encourage you to come to our weekly meetings, which are open to all students, in Brandywine Hall Room 031 on Tuesday nights at 7:15p.m. Usually, we are done by about 9ish. Come not only to voice your opinion or concerns, but also to know what’s going on around campus each week.

Sykes After Dark has been recreated this semester with the financial support and hard work of many individuals – and now, Sykes After Dark will blow you away! EVERY Friday night from 9p.m. to 1a.m., Sykes After Dark will have a major program in the ballrooms (this week it’s a Casino Night!) with creative, professional take-aways (this week is a Monte Carlo photo package), video-gaming in Sykes Common Grounds, free food beginning at midnight, and a $300-range item raffled at 12:30p.m.. And don’t forget, the weekly SAC movie shows at 8p.m. and 12a.m. Friday night, too.

As I am sure you have seen, Ramsey and Sanderson Halls have been demolished to prepare for our future. While I have fond memories that occurred in both halls, as I am sure you do as well, we can all see, because of Alleghany and Brandywine, that our future is very bright! By March, the Ramsey site will be cleared and prepared for a summer groundbreaking of the new student Recreation Center, while the site of Sanderson will be leveled and cleared for the next stage of the new student housing, which is still in limbo due to the economy.

While many students attended the University’s forum for the Student Recreation Center (with many pictures and diagrams) in the fall, many others may be unaware of the beautiful building that will open for the fall semester of 2012. With a high emphasis on sustainability, the building will have two huge floors with aerobic equipment, machines, and free weights, as well as two indoor gyms, an indoor floor hockey court, a rock wall, a dance studio, and much more!

SAC is showing a special premier of “This Is It,” the Michael Jackson documentary that promises to be amazing, on Monday, January 25th at 8p.m. in the Sykes Theater, free of charge. Also, playing Thursday through Sunday is Pirate Radio with Philip Hoffman and Bill Nighy.

Congratulations to the Women’s Basketball Team as they pounced Cheney in a 65-53 win last Wednesday night in front of a crowd of 650+! If you haven’t made it to a WCU basketball game yet, you’re missing out!

Good luck this semester with your classes and all that you are involved with! And enjoy your time at West Chester!

Anthony DiJiacomo, President

Student Government Association

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