Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Loosening on-campus alcohol restrictions and increased school spirit are at the top of the Student Government Association’s agenda for this term.According to SGA President Anthony DiJiacomo, among the issues that will be discussed this term is the possibility that certain buildings in The Village apartment complex on South Campus could be designated as “wet areas.” This would mean that the consumption of alcohol would be permitted, provided all the residents are 21 years old or over.

He argued that this solution would help to alleviate “town and gown” problems involving students roaming the borough of West Chester, disturbing residents at all hours. In addition to that it would also put an end to what DiJiacomo views as a “certain double standard” which currently exists on campus.

“Alcohol is served at certain Presidential (referring to University President Weisenstein) events, including at the opening of Brandywine and Allegheny,” DiJiacomo said.

He also went on to cite the recent successes that other Pennsylvania state schools have had with relaxed alcohol regulations.

“(Shippensburg University) recently allowed alcohol around their football stadium on game days,” he said, going on to note that there were very few instances of abuse reported as a result of this new policy.

In addition to the proposed wet buildings in The Village complex, DiJiacomo also stated that there was growing support behind the idea of bringing a bar to South Campus. He said that high ranking officials in the borough government, as well as WCU’s own Chief of Police Michael Bicking have come out in favor of this plan.

“It would help make alcohol consumption very controllable” while at the same time improving relations with the borough by “pulling people out of the bars uptown and lowering violations there,” DiJiacomo said, pointing out that one proposed location for this bar would be inside of The Village Clubhouse.

“We’re looking around, trying to gather as much information in order to create a viable plan for this,” he said adding that both Widener and Rowan University have similar private liquor clubs.

According to DiJicomo, SGA Treasurer Matthew South would continue on his mission to increase both school spirit and attendance at Golden Rams sporting events through the use of various giveaways and promotions to be held around game time.

“We were able to improve attendance at the football games from an average of 125 the previous year (including Homecoming in the average) to 475, on average, a 380% increase,” DiJiacomo said.

This term the focus will be on improving student attendance at the Golden Rams basketball games. Students attending the games will receive free foam fingers, cow bells, pom poms, among other items and depending on which game they attend. If they are able to attend the next 10 games (five men’s, five women’s) they will be entered into a raffle to win a new iPod.

The program looks to already be succeeding according to DiJiacomo, as Wednesday’s home games against rival Cheyney bought out “1,500 (fans), guessing that it was at least a 7:1 ratio of our students to Cheyney fans.”

“We ran on a platform of transparency,” DiJicomo said, encouraging students to come out the weekly SGA meetings held Tuesdays at 7:15p.m. in Brandywine room 31. He added that the budget meetings will be open to everyone this term.

Colin McGlinchey is a fifth-year student majoring in English with a minor in journalism. He can be reached at

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