Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

On Tuesday December 4th, Pi Kappa Phi and Delta Alpha Pi fraternities held a 24-hour “Piathlon.” The Event raised over $400 for people with disabilities. Despite the bad weather, the 24 hours consisted of Wheelchair Races, a blindfolded obstacle course, and reading and speech games involving many marshmallows. These activities helped people to better understand the day-to-day challenges faced by people with walking, seeing, and speech disabilities. Many students and faculty members chipped in a dollar or two for the cause, knowing their donation was going to help the disabled. Pi Kappa Pi is a social fraternity, whose national philanthropy is Push America. This philanthropy helps people across the country with disabilities, and the West Chester Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi has raised over $1,000 this semester alone. Delta Alpha Pi is a service fraternity focused mainly on raising money and awareness for people with disabilities through the adapted PE program. These two organizations realized they shared a common goal, and teamed up to achieve it. Junior Pi Kappa Phi Push Chairman Matt Costa stated, “It was a great event and I’m happy a lot of people showed their support. We needed two tents and lots of blankets to stay warm because of the rain, but it was well worth it.” The two student organizations would like to thank everyone who supported them in this event.Sean Lowery
Public Relations, Pi Kappa Phi

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