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As college students, we experience a variety of stresses due to academic and social pressures. A popular stress among many is to look and feel ones best. Whether it is working out to lose the ‘first-year 15,’ tanning to achieve a sun-kissed glow, or frequent visits to a hair salon for eye-dazzling hair; many people may empty their wallets to feel beautiful. With student loans, monthly rent, utilities, and other costs of living, college students are quickly crossing such luxury items off their to-do list in order to save a dollar or two. For many, getting their hair done is one of the first things to be crossed off, since staying trimmed and groomed can be expensive with a tight budget. Individuals have started to space out their appointments and bypass any special services such as coloring.

So, how can college students with little spending money enjoy the luxury of getting their hair done? For West Chester University students, one solution lies within Blaze Salon, a full-service hair salon, located in the historic downtown West Chester. Blaze has kicked off a separate program, which provides college students the opportunity to receive salon quality services at a fraction of the price.

Blaze recognizes that many individuals have felt the brunt of the financial crisis and do not have extra spending money to afford salon prices. The New Talent Studio is geared toward high school and college students, as well as those struggling with the economy.

“We have several clients who are in a difficult situation where either themselves or their spouse have lost their job,” Bridget White said, owner of Blaze Salon. “This program is perfect for anyone experiencing economic hardships. We are seeing many of our clients at the New Talent Studio, who we have not seen in a while.”

Blaze Salon has a team of 10 stylists, who specialize in color correction, custom design haircuts, and texture enhancement. The New Talent team consists of Blaze’s assistants, who work along side the stylists every day.

“Our mission with the New Talent Studio is to give our junior stylists the opportunity to take their own clients and receive experience behind the chair before they officially get on the floor,” White said. “This allows them to perfect their skills and become more comfortable working behind the chair.”

The New Talent Studio serves as an education program to help Blaze’s assistants launch their career as a hairstylist. Right out of beauty school, many soon-to-be hairstylists begin by apprenticing under an experienced stylist. At the New Talent Studio, a senior member of Blaze’s stylist team oversees each junior stylist – offering tips, answering questions, and consultations.

“The New Talent Studio has been a win-win environment for both the junior stylists and the clients,” Cara Liedlich said, she is a junior stylist at the New Talent Studio. “We are gaining the opportunity to practice what we love to do while the guests are receiving services with high quality products at a fraction of the cost.”

Blaze believes that everyone deserves to be pampered from time to time, and that money should not stop someone from getting their hair done. Whether it is a trim to shape your hairstyle or a color service to hide your roots, the New Talent Studio provides West Chester students with a new alternative, which is less detrimental to their wallet.

The New Talent Studio team uses professional equipment and Blaze’s color line, L’Oreal Professional. Appointments are available every other Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To book an appointment with the New Talent Studio, please call 610-431-2190 and ask for the New Talent Studio Coordinator. For more information about Blaze Salon and the New Talent Studio, visit

New Talent Studio Prices:

Haircut – $15

Single Process color – $20

Foil (full) – $35

Foil (partial) – $25

The New Talent Studio will not offer color corrections or specialized treatments.

Melissa Stack is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at

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