Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Some people turn to ABC News, others to NBC News, and still others may watch CBS News or Fox News. However, to get the best news about the past week, some will turn to VH1?s “Best Week Ever.” This series has been running for quite somet ime on VH1. It is an informative show with many interesting comedians attempting to explain what happened over the course of the last week.One story they discussed was the controversy behind the movie “Team America: World Police.” Moving from the comical to a more serious topic, they next briefly detailed the lawsuit is against FOX news commentator Bill O? Reilly.

The members of the “BWE” group attempted to be serious, but they made it into a semi-amusing news story anyway.

The final “newsworthy” story they discussed was about Pedro Martinez calling the New York Yankees “his daddies.” Although this was one of the more serious stories, it was still quite funny to hear about this news. The news aspect of “BWE” is never truly serious but it certainly puts an interesting spin on the news of the past week.

Another feature on “Best Week Ever” is “The Sizzler,” a segment detailing the hottest celebrity gossip. Sometimes, however, it could be discovered that this is gossip that not even the most intrigued entertainment junkie really wants to hear.

For example, the lead story was that Cher was having a nude photo shoot for her sixtieth birthday. That was certainly something that we all needed to know about, wasn?t it? Highly doubtful.

Anyway, let?s burn our CDs and not our brains on “The Sizzler.”

One of the final features on “BWE” is “Upgrade-Downgrade.” It?s somewhat hard to tell what the purpose of this segment is. If you happen to figure it out, find a way to contact my editor. Thanks.

Finally, “Best Week Ever” determines who truly had the best week ever and this week it was “pretty boys.” Well, here’s to another “Best Week Ever.” Maybe this week it’ll be yours.

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