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The West Chester Undergraduate Research Journal is a newly formed club on campus.  “The mission of the Undergraduate Journal of Research is to provide the West Chester University community with access to a diversified research journal written, edited, and published by its students,” according to the club’s official mission statement.  The journal will be published in print every semester and online at  

Containing entirely student research, the journal is an opportunity for students to be published.  Students can find submissions guidelines at  Submissions can be emailed to 

Students working on the board will gain valuable experience with editing and publishing.  The club is looking for new members interested in joining the editorial board or layout board.  Editors will make suggestions for changes to student research.  The layout team will be in charge of designing and assembling the actual journal.

Research, when submitted for publication, will be sent to the Associate Editor, who will then email the research to two members of the editorial board.  As a double-blind read, the editors will not know the author’s name.  Authors, when emailed editing suggestions, have the right to refuse the changes.  The journal, however, reserves the right to not publish work that is not edited. 

Ben Rupert organized the journal as part of his capstone project in March 2012.  There were originally five members. The journal was officially approved, however, by SGA this semester.  Lindsey Todd is the 2013-2014 Editor-in-Chief.

Students interested in joining the Undergraduate Research Journal can find out more information by joining the Facebook page at http://oups/405065979523114/ or by emailing, or attending the meetings. The Undergraduate Research Journal Board (URJB) meets Thursdays at 6 p.m. in Schmucker South, Room 115.

Theresa Kelly is a first year student majoring in English Literature Secondary Education.  She can be reached at

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