Sun. May 28th, 2023

Yes, that is right; you heard it, loud and clear, Barbie from Mattel, Inc., is the first feminist candidate who happens to be one heck of a DOLL.This is not Barbie?s first bid for the presidency. Barbie first ran for president back in November 2001, running on the same platform.

According to, Mattel, Inc. released Barbie?s statement in August saying,”I am running for president of the United States because I love this country. I also care about education, the environment, and the arts. I want to inspire and lead. Together we can change the world.” What will her viewpoint be on the Iraq state of affairs? “Mattel Toy Company?s Barbie for president 2004 will be available until the election is over,” said

On August 19, The New Paper, an affiliation of the Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. issued this quote: “The Mattel doll has thrown her hat into the ring as the candidate of the fictional Party of Girls! Under her platform, which she unveiled at the Toys ?R? Us store in Times Square, New York, she has pledged a campaign that will concentrate on creating world peace, helping the poor and homeless, and taking care of animals. Her platform was chosen by girls across the United States through the Web site.”

This vote is for all you girls who have played with Barbie and stuck by her through the years, while she would change careers like Bush changes his stance on Kerry’s politics. We all know Barbie is the perfect candidate, don?t we ladies? She has a substantial resume, i.e., an astronaut, a veterinarian, a policewoman, a physician, and best of all, a stylist of fashion.

In my quest for a new president, I find myself more and more interested in voting for Barbie.

When all is said and done, Barbie is the one! I urge you, if you are not sure who you will be voting for, go to your local polls, today. If there is a blank line, or a space on the machine for other, that other is hopefully a ballot for Barbie; therefore, Barbie is the candidate that every woman, who is a true die hard feminist, should vote for – vote Barbie for president!

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