Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The Presidential Debates are finished and the election is right around the corner. Itʼs approaching and we can all feel it. Tensions are mounting as both parties scramble to spin publicity in their favor.Yet America knows it is safer and more hopeful with President Bush in the oval office. Over the past four years, the United States has watched the economy fall into and rise out of the shortest recession in history.

Weʼve watched corporate scandals unfold and dry up. We have also witnessed the most horrific attack on American soil, sparking Americaʼs War on Terror. All throughout, President Bush has led America from that darkness, only to remind us how truly remarkable and resilient America is and will remain. We are lucky to be Americans, and I will never let anyone forget that.

Last week, I had the great opportunity to meet the honorable Andy Card, President Bushʼs Chief of Staff. He told the crowd that being president
is not just about policy and progress, it is also about being able to handle the unexpected.

President Bush has gone above and beyond the challenge of dealing with the unexpected. Not only has he lifted us out of a recession, improved our educational system, reduced our taxes and fought global terrorism,
he has comforted Americans in our time of grief, laughed with us in our time of joy and has been completely blunt with us when we truly needed it.

United States Congressman Curt Weldon of Delaware and Chester Counties tells an extremely interesting and lively story of his time spent in New York City right after 9/11.

As Weldon explains it, he went up to the city as soon as he could make it there. He went to help in any way he could. After working around Ground Zero, Weldon was asked to speak to the families of the World Trade Center victims. Looking pretty dirty, Weldon says he accepted the invitation without hesitating.

A few limousines pulled up next to the building that was housing the victimsʼ families and out stepped New Yorkʼs senators, Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer. Weldon said that both were more fixated on finding a place to fix their hair and arranging photo opportunities with the
families than consoling them.

Needless to say, Congressman Curt Weldon was disgusted by their behavior. Then the presidential motorcade pulled up to the facility and out came George W. Bush. President Bush immediately requested some
private time with him and the victimsʼ families. The president did not allow the media or any of the politicians to follow him. Weldon said the presidentʼs time was scheduled for about 30 minutes, but he spent hours with these families. Bush spoke to each family individually, sharing
their sorrow, their pain and their loss.

President Bush is compassionate about Americans, passionate about our safety and certain about the future of our nation. Congressman Weldon described him as a man of the people.

They say that to be a great leader one needs to follow. President Bush has given his shoulder to those who have been victimized by the terrorist
acts on 9/11 and has led our nation against global terrorism. This man has proven that he will fight for the cause of American freedom and freedom around the world. Let these facts be our calling on Election Day.

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